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Ten Life Lessons We Learned From Season Six Of RHOBH!


Season six of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was full of drama that taught us plenty. Yet behind the drama the Housewives also showed us many of other life lessons that may have been overshadowed by all the backstabbing and gossiping that occurred. Let’s catch up on some of the best teaching moments season six had to offer! I’m sure these invaluable lessons will last a lifetime! I kid, I kid.

1. Unleash your alter ego like Erika Jayne. Erika Girardi taught us many things this season, but one of the biggest lessons Erika graced us with was how to let go and unleash your inner alter ego. See the two, very different sides of Erika showed fans that we all are multi-faceted and can be whoever the hell we want to be.

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2. Never Say the M – word, ever AGAIN! Do you hear me Lisa Rinna? Season six taught us that you shouldn’t question your friends’ illnesses and spread rumors that they might be faking it on national TV. Foot in mouth.

3. Cunty can be a good thing! Nothing is better than taking a word with a negative connotation and making it an empowering, fun word like Erika did.

4. Don’t go out with a bad handbag. Eileen Davidson learned the hard way that when in Beverly Hills, or anywhere else for that matter, a designer bag is must.

5. Online shopping can be a dangerous thing. LVP and a miniature pony, need I say more? Sometimes online shopping is better done in person or else you’ll wind up with a miniature pony in a tutu.

6. Be wary of what you text your friends. One of the most shocking revelations of the season was that Kyle Richards, LVP, and Lisa Rinna engaged in some not so nice text messages mocking Yolanda Foster’s sick selfies on Instagram. The lesson, if you won’t say it in person don’t text it because someone will print it and bring it to the reunion and throw you under the bus.

7. You never know what goes on behind closed doors. One of the biggest shockers of season was Yolanda and David Fosters split. At the end of the season, many of the Housewives admitted that they were shocked to hear of Yolanda and David’s split because they always seemed so happy and so in love with each. We never know what happens in private so we can’t judge a book by its cover.

8. Yes, you should embrace the caftan. Kyle’s dream came true this year as the Housewives headed to Dubai and caftan loving Kyle was in her glory as she converted all the ladies into her caftan wearing ways. Embrace the caftan, love the caftan. And remember it’s a caftan not a mumu, Ken.

9. Being poor sucks, and being rich is much better. The one thing the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills proves to us season after season is that being poor sucks and being rich is wayyyyy better! The RHOBH live pretty glamorous and luxurious lives with their private planes, yachts, designer bags/shoes, limos, and mega mansions. While these are all everyday luxuries for the ladies of Beverly Hills for the rest of us, it’s dream world. You know what they say, “get rich or die trying.14richsucks

10. Remember to pat the puss. Embrace your inner Erika Jayne and have some fun. Even if Erika’s famous “pat the puss” dance doesn’t make you feel sexy it will at least give you a good laugh!

What was your favorite life lesson from season six?

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