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RHONYC Recap: Bravo Spoilers Episode!

Image Source: Bravo
Image Source: Bravo

For those of us who spent Saturday night on the couch in sweats (guilty), our favorite nighttime talk show host and the Housewives god father himself Andy Cohen hooked us up with a real treat! Bravo aired all of this week’s new episodes, and the drama continued to get really real on The Real Housewives of New York City!

We start with Sonja getting facial from her gossipy facialist Satoko, who we find out buys placenta for her facials on the black market; only Sonja. Sonja admits that Ramona is probably only coming to her birthday party because she feels obligated, and she REALLY wants Bethenny to come; the ladies are totally obsessed with the B this season, proving she deserves that six-figure Bravo pay check.

Jules brings food to Carole’s psychic girls day, and it’s very strange that Bravo keeps zeroing in on Jules and food; does this make anyone else uncomfortable? Carole’s apartment is really cool and the ladies all agree that it’s gorgeous! Dorinda had already heard of the psychic, Kim Russo, and she acted like a total fan girl when she met her.

Jules, who confessed in her interview that it’s against her religion and she only was open to having her energy read to go along with her new friends, was totally touched by the reading. She opened up about being a role model for girls with eating disorders, and this is clearly a cause she is passionate about; you go girl!

We find out Dorinda has A LOT of John’s in her life (father, grandfather, brother, creepy boyfriend), however and Bethenny is completely baffled about how this whole reading process works! Ramona arrives, better late than never, and makes a bit of a scene. It’s completely freaky that Kim feels Richard and his brother’s energy for Dorinda, and then she taps into a previous coin conversation that Dorinda and Richard had. Things get juicy when we find out that Richard thinks that John is “good for now.

Bethenny becomes a bit of a believer, although Kim says she is subconsciously blocking her out. She feels an anniversary looming, and Bethenny has to actually look at her phone calendar to remember her dad died that week; this lady is good. Bethenny’s strained relationship with her father is felt by Kim, and he also thinks she needs to stop saying she won’t get married again; she tells him to “f*ck off!” Kim agrees with Bethenny that she won’t get married again, and then things turn back to Dorinda.

Kim says that Dorinda won’t marry John, and Ramona is ecstatic! Her “thank god” response sets Dorinda into a state of fury and finally things get good! Dorinda reveals that John doesn’t like Ramona and thinks she’s a b*tch! She babbles on about the “idiots” that Ramona brings around, and then throws out the low-blow that Mario left Ramona for somebody else, ouch!

Carole is totally embarrassed and Ramona is understandably hurt. Dorinda continues to feel unsupported, and Kim changes the conversation. Ramona is expected to get married again, to someone totally different than Mario! Bethenny uses her famous “I have to pick up my daughter” line, and acts sort of rude as she leaves the party early!

Kim feels Ramona’s dad and he talks about a picture that moves Ramona to tears. It was sweet to hear that her dad has been there for her throughout her ordeal with Mario. Ramona and Dorinda are both in tears and end up hugging, and agreeing to stop arguing about John; let’s see how long this lasts!

Jules puts out an amazing spread for Carole, and everything she hosts makes me hungry! Jules continues to show her un-domestic side when she struggles with making hot tea, but Carole didn’t really care as she was distracted by the cookies! Jules continues to open up to Carole and divulges she is in recovery for an eating disorder, and Carole seems relieved that this is no longer the elephant in the room. Carole points out that Jules puts out A LOT of food and never eats it, and my stomach is growling at this point as Bravo flashes to her “schmere.” (Side note: Jules I LOVE your big gold Jules necklace)

Jules says she feels comfortable with Carole, and although at first I didn’t think she was sincerely nice to Jules, Carole definitely warmed up. She was encouraging Jules on ways to expand her recovery, and I give her a TON of credit for using the show as a platform for eating disorder recovery.

I don’t know how many awkward drunken date nights with Dorinda and John that I can take; he’s always sweating and she can do WAY better. He loves the PDA and it clearly makes her uncomfortable, I don’t know how she handles it. Dorinda explains that this dinner was immediately following the psychic night where she had a blow-up with Ramona. John continues to beg for kisses as he shows off his flashlight glasses, and I really wish he shared where he got them; Father’s Day is coming up!

Dorinda tells John about what the psychic said, and then drops the bomb about how Ramona responded; she tells John she “shut that sh*t down,” which I think she did. They start bickering about how John makes everything about him, and she begs him to at least be “cordial” with Ramona. John can’t stop interrupting Dorinda and they clearly need to work on their communication skills. John accused Dorinda of choosing her friends over him, and that definitely didn’t happen at Carole’s psychic party; she definitely “shut that sh*t down.” Dorinda is DONE with this conversation and LEAVES John at the restaurant; finally!

It’s time for Sonja’s birthday and as she’s getting all dolled up she tries to explain that she’s allergic to makeup; I don’t believe this is true but wow is she entertaining! (As I watched Sonja Q-tip her nose I can’t lie I got the urge to go upstairs and do the same; admit it, you did too!) Sonja reveals she has a MAJOR announcement about her new business venture, and ironically she took Bethenny’s advice in keeping this a secret. We already know that this is her Tipsy Girl prosecco line, which is currently being changed to a different name because of a dispute with Bethenny, poor Sonja!

Bethenny hosts a Skinnygirl event in the rain and she toots her own horn about how many people come out in the bad weather. I’ll vouch for Bethenny; when I attended her Skinnygirl event people were waiting outside in REALLY cold weather. (Luckily I was inside) Bethenny was very interactive with her fans, confirming that she really is involved in her Skinnygirl brand!

It’s finally Sonja’s birthday party and she is adamant on making sure her party has enough booze. Everyone is arriving and Michael introduces John to an unknown woman and he acts VERY creepy. It’s interesting that Bravo chose to show this, because then the woman accuses John of being “all wired up;” they’re clearly trying to show us that John loves the white stuff.

Sonja tells Jules that the caterer thinks she needs to eat and I’m starting to feel bad for Jules, enough is enough! John is hugging Sonja and Dorinda, and Sonja says she loves him just as he is; ew! Dorinda continues to defend her relationship with John and it’s getting really, really old!

Ramona arrives and is going on and on about LuAnn re-gifting her the necklace, which puts Sonja in an uncomfortable position. Ramona is really rude to Sonja at her own party, and Sonja reveals in her interview that Ramona didn’t even bring her a gift, WOW!

Of course this is when LuAnn enters the conversation and pulls aside Ramona to call her out for accusing her of being a bad influence on Sonja. They go back and forth about who will get drunk or not; what is this the real sorority sisters of NYC? While Ramona is acting annoying, she is coming from a good place and I for one miss Ramonja!

Dorinda makes the statement to Ramona that Luann has an explanation for the necklace; this ticks off Ramona who wanted to have this conversation privately. Luann talks about it originally being a sample and Ramona is flat out pissed about this gift. I can’t even explain how petty this conversation was, and Luann points out that Ramona doesn’t even know what re-gifting is; she’s right!

It’s time for Sonja’s HUGE announcement and the room is shocked! Ramona thinks that Tipsy Girl horrible idea, and points out that this is not going to sit well with Bethenny. She also passes on the samples of Tipsy Girl because she isn’t drinking at the party; this ladies focus a lot on their booze! Jules is ready for the blow-up that’s going to come from the Skinnygirl/Tipsy Girl competition, while Dorinda doesn’t think that Bethenny will care. Jules is direct and asks Sonja about Bethenny, and it’s totally over Sonja’s head what Jules is alluding to. Sonja can’t wait to tell Bethenny about this; I am will Jules, it’s too close to home!

Next week Bethenny cuts off Sonja and sh*t hits the fan when it’s Ramona VS John and Dorinda, again!

Thoughts on this week’s spoiler episode; Let’s Discuss!

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