Bravo Saturday Surprise – New Episodes Air Early! Get RHOBH Recap Here!

Image Source: bravo

Image Source: bravo

Hello Bravo lovers! For anyone staying in tonight (including myself) we got a special treat where all new episodes that are airing next week (including ‘Secrets Revealed’ on RHOBH) aired tonight!

We start out back at the Beverly Hills reunion where the housewives are asked about their homes. Kyle admitted she did ask LVP for help designing her closet (aka dressing room) and Erika defends her chapel saying that she does use it. Andy asks LVP about her vicious swans which Kyle admits she is terrified of. We also get to see some footage of LVP’s magical land full of animals including mini-horses. Ken and Lisa clearly adore their animals to which Lisa admits she may use to fill up the void of children (ahem Pandora – hint hint on grandchildren!)

We also see Kyles adorable daughter Portia on her horse riding lessons. I could watch cutie-pie Portia for an entire episode and loved her expression ‘simple as pie.’ Kyle admits she is hoping Portia takes interests in other hobbies other than acting as Portia is still hoping to be an actress like her mommy Kyle.

On to Erika and her epic ‘How Many’ video (which Andy Cohen got a sneak peak of and obviously loved!) I seriously think this single will get some play in the clubs this summer and could be an actual hit for a housewife. We see Erika in rehearsal and I am finding Erika’s squad hilarious! Her and her team are a natural fit to the Bravo family and she definitely seems to live the life both at home and on stage.

We also get some behind the scenes info on Yolanda’s unconventional treatments for Lyme. We see her at her holistic doctor who she calls the most authentic person she has met on her journey. Yolanda even admits she doesn’t understand how the holistic healing really works (which I’m sure she will get lots of comments on) however I respect Yolanda’s determination to not give up on her journey to wellness.

On to less serious health issues, Lisa Rinna is nursing daughter Amelia back to health after getting her tonsils out. Lisa admits Amelia is being a bit of a diva and is milking nurse Lisa for all its worth. I enjoy seeing Lisa R. with her family as it’s a softer side than we usually get to see (by that I mean a screaming Lisa R. telling everyone to ‘own it baby!’)

Lisa Vanderpump also goes to the doctor and pulls poor Ken along with the evil surprise of forcing him to get Botox! I think Ken looks fine and personally loathe the look of Botox on men. Ken clearly doesn’t want it; however Lisa is adamant that he needs it. Lisa V. states she didn’t get Botox until she was 45 but the only reason she didn’t have it done earlier was because it wasn’t invented yet. Lisa states that everyone in L.A. needs Botox – including 70 year old men (sorry Ken!)

We get a cute scene between Yolanda, Erika, their men and supermodel Gigi. Tom Girardi is very sweet around Gigi and even offers to help her out if she decides to go back into criminal psychology (which I doubt she will need as she is making a gazillion dollars right now being the top supermodel of the world!)

Lisa Rinna’s other daughter Delilah is also an aspiring model and states that although it’s not curing cancer it’s still a hard job. I think the hardest part of modeling (especially in L.A.) is getting started as every teenage girl in that area seems to be an aspiring model (not everyone has a success story like Gigi!) Either way Delilah is a beautiful girl and Lisa and her seem to have a sweet relationship.

On to more mother/daughter moments, Kyle is with Portia and Farrah and Portia is in some hot water! It seems Portia downloaded an app where her character has to get ‘red carpet ready’ by buying red carpet dresses and accessories which she thought were play coins but ended up being actual dollars. When Kyle got the bill for the app it ended up being in 5 digits after spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on digital red carpet gowns (can we say holy sh*t!!!!) Portia is in tears as she is terrified of telling her dad and even Kyle is nervous about telling Mauricio. No word on what app it was but there has been a lot of criticism on Kim Kardashian’s app that players/kids didn’t know they were playing with real money and ran into similar situations.

Back to the reunion – Andy Cohen calls out Eileen’s obsession with Erika Jayne. Erika admits she has a fantasy character in Erika Jayne and Eileen says she can relate with her alternate identities in her soap characters. In another scene, Erika goes to visit Eileen at work on her soap series. Erika seems jealous that Eileen gets to kiss strangers for money and is surprised at how intense Eileen is at work playing her character Ashley. We get a flashback to Erika in a movie from years ago and holy cow has she changed!

In the next scene, Kim visits Kyle at her Palm Springs house (apparently Kim is over Kyle “stealing” her home) Kyle and Kim are getting along great and reminisce playing “store” as little girls with big sister Kathy. The Richard sisters are all laughs and no drama comes up. Being sober is clearly doing Kim (and their relationship) well!

At the reunion, Andy asks Lisa Rinna the million dollar question: why did she say she wears a strap on with Harry during Jenny McCarthy’s radio show? (BTW- sorry for that visual!) Lisa says she didn’t understand what she was saying and admitted Harry Hamlin was mortified! She states she never has done that and blames the early morning hours for talking without thinking. Kyle says she was embarrassed for Lisa’s poor children (I was too!)

We the see Erika, Kathryn, Lisa R. and Eileen bathing suit shopping. Erika talks Tom always being on the road which is why they have the private plane. Eileen buys herself an “Erika Jayne” worthy dress (which I think is actually really cute) and Erika compliments Eileen on being cooler than most people think. Erika picks up the tab which is very “cool” and Eileen admits she needs to shop with Erika more (hey – me too!)

Lastly, we get to see the ladies o Beverly Hills living it up in the Hamptons. Erika admits she had a serious crush on Harry Hamlin when she was younger and the ladies discuss how hot their husbands are. Erika may have had the hots for Harry but admits she admires and loves her husband so much as he completely changed her life. The ladies end on a high note, discussing how much they love their husbands and actually getting along for once.

Did you catch the early premiere of ‘Secrets Revealed – RHOBH’? What did you think? Thoughts on Bravo’s “Saturday Surprise”??

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