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Brandi Glanville Says LVP And Kyle Richards Have An Alliance NOT A Friendship; Plus Claims LVP Lied About Being Abused And That Andy Cohen Knows It!

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The B was back during part three of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion and while Brandi Glanville told the ladies exactly what she thought of each of them during her pre-filmed appearance that wasn’t all the Unfiltered Blonde had to say. During and following the RHOBH reunion Brandi was Drinking and Tweeting her REAL feelings about her arch enemy Lisa Vanderpump and why she’s glad she’s not a Housewife anymore.

To kick things off, Brandi threw major shade at LVP and Kyle Richards for admitting they made fun of Yolanda Hadid’s sick selfies on Instagram saying, “Wow! @erikajayne To hear “they” call each other to make fun of @YolandaHFoster pictures of her life struggle is #SUPERCUNTY.” Then asking if it was okay for LVP and Kyle to make fun of Yo, “They said they had a phone “call’s” laughing about her treatment pictures… Is that ok?”

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Brandi also wasn’t happy that the ladies bashed her all season when she wasn’t even a Housewife calling them “mean girls,” and saying they “enrage” her.

Something Brandi wasn’t missing was the anxiety she felt being on RHOBH claiming watching the reunion has set her back. “I do not miss the anxiety of how this show makes me feel … It’s not healthy but for this one hour, I’m embracing it,” going on to say, that she purposely “opted out” and did things her way.

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Then Brandi bashed fans for taking the fun out of Real Housewives, tweeting, “Honestly this is why its not fun to do this show… The show doesn’t steal your happiness but YOU haters do!I don’t want to fight like this.”

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While LVP and the other Housewives weren’t happy Brandi made an appearance at the reunion Brandi defended showing up at the reunion even if it was pre-filmed. “I was shot,paid & talked about not to mention the flash backs the entire season! Sorry I didn’t want to sit on the #cuntcouch,”  adding that, “I was talked about negatively all season with plenty of flashbacks not being able to defend myself & now they are pissed I got a chance 2 #FU.”

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However, Brandi did thank Andy for letting her say her peace at the reunion while making sure to take a swipe at her former co-stars for continuing to discuss her even though she’s not on the show. “When I’m not on the show really & they all come for me… @Andy thanks for having me 😉 #fairness.”

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While Brandi loves Bravo, she admits she’s happy to be off RHOBH.

Obviously Brandi wouldn’t be Brandi if she didn’t take a swipe at Kyle, LVP, and Lisa Rinna.

First up was LR, who Brandi bashed for the whole Munchausen drama, saying, “Who said this … I don’t know what Munchhausen’s is but I know what Munchhausen by proxy is. Come fucking on! #liar #actess so ridiculous.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 5.05.28 PMThen Kyle and LVP’s friendship came under attack when Brandi claimed, LVP and Kyle don’t have a friendship they have an ALLIANCE let’s just keep it ?.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 5.03.07 PMFinally, Brandi accused LVP of lying about being in abusive relationship saying,“I seem to remember after I live tapped LVP that she claimed NO-ONE in her life had EVER touched her in that way… @Andy @Bravo It’s on film.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 5.03.14 PMBrandi then continued to claim that she’s telling the truth about LVP; saying Vanderpump is only playing the victim to avoid the truth. Adding that Andy Cohen knows the truth but since LVP is one of his favorites he publicly admit her lies.

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Whew! Brandi sure had a lot to say! I think Brandi adds an interesting perspective to the drama because she doesn’t have to worry about stepping on toes since she’s not an official Housewife anymore. While I disagree with Brandi about Kyle and LVP’s friendship, many of her other accusations left me going hmmm….but until proven otherwise I think I’ll believe LVP because it would pretty low if she lied about being in an abusive relationship.

Thoughts on Brandi’s Twitter rants? Do you think Kyle and LVP have a real friendship? Is LVP lying about being in an abusive relationship?

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