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RHONY Recap: Birthday Bashing

Image Source: Bravo
Image Source: Bravo

On this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of New York City, it’s Ramona Singer’s birthday, and she’ll gossip if she wants to. The drama from Bethenny Frankel’s birthday party is still lingering in the air as the ladies now celebrate Ramona’s birthday. Secrets are spilled, accusations are flying, and secrets are revealed.

The episode kicked off with a rare glimpse at Bryn, Bethenny’s daughter who was packing her suit case with the help of Bethenny’s assistant. Bryn being the fashion-forward five years needed to give approval on all the clothes that were selected.

Meanwhile, Carole Radziwill and Dorinda Medley met up for lunch where Carole revealed that she lost her phone which contained a sexy picture of her boyfriend, Adam. Guess whoever found that phone got a nice surprise!

During their lunch, Carole needed a gossip session and asked Dorinda, if they could be catty for one second to which Dorinda said yes to.
Carole then ridiculed Jules Weinstein’s home in the Hamptons. Of course Jules weight and her eating, or lack thereof, during the brunch she hosted came up too. When Carole then brought up Dorinda’s boyfriend John, Dorinda shit it down telling Carole it was time to stop bringing up John’s name. Dorinda’s reveals she wants to keep John away from the girls.

During lunch, Jules pops up, and Carole acts like she wasn’t just bad mouthing her five minutes ago. Shocker. Well, Jules wants to do some bad mouthing of her own, but her target is Bethenny, who thought was so rude at her brunch.

In her confessional interview, Jules throws shade at Bethenny saying perhaps Bethenny doesn’t like her because she’s “new money” while Jules is “old money” and spends her money differently.

Over at Sonja’s Upper East Side home, Ramona pops in for a visit to show off her freshly signed divorce papers.

Sonja took a break from her design work to chat with Ramona, who then confessed to Sonja that their friends think Sonja has a drinking problem; saying they are embarrassed by Sonja’s drinking which is why Sonja wasn’t invited to Bethenny’s birthday party. Sonja doesn’t believe Ramona and gets defensive saying that if Bethenny had a problem with her and her partying ways she would have told her.

Ramona isn’t backing down and confesses to Sonja that she hasn’t hung out with her lately because she doesn’t want to be seen with her drunk ass. Sonja shot back accusing Ramona of just wanting to start drama. To change the topic of conversation Sonja revealed that Luann de Lesseps was going to move in with her. This only annoyed Ramona more because of Luann’s partying ways and possible influence on Sonja

Bethenny and Jules decide to meet for lunch and talk about their issues. They hugged when they met up and act like they both haven’t been talking behind each other’s backs and made small talk about kale of all things. Bethenny complained in her confessional about Jules not being able to go one day without talking about being Asian or Jewish.

Jules then worked up the courage to address the issues between her and Bethenny, which caused Bethenny to snap.

Bethenny wrote off that Jules was sad over being criticized by her but did take ownership over how rude she had been to her saying that was just her personality. Bethenny took over the conversation as usual because of Jules’ stuttering.h

Jules does confess that she struggled with an eating disorder in her teens and 20’s which caused her to drop out of college after working on her degree for seven years.

Bethenny seems moved by Jules’ confession and teared up, telling Jules her mother had struggled with similar issues. The ladies finally seemed to turn a corner and be amicable towards each other.

Jules then meets up with Dorinda for pedicures and tells her all about her positive lunch with Bethenny. Meanwhile, Bethenny meets up with Carole at Ramona’s where Bethenny also dished out her good lunch with Jules. Ramona then asked Carole of she was cool with Luann coming to her party changing the topic of conversation to how they all found Luann very untrustworthy.

Dorinda also told Jules how she was worried about Ramona’s party since she and Ramona have some unfinished business as well.

Ramona’s party arrives and Ramona is being the hostess with the mostest laughing and making sure everyone has plenty of booze. Bethenny then asked Ramona why she received a text from Sonja asking her if she was embarrassed by her drinking. Just as Ramona’s about to answer Sonja walks in and announces she needed a hair of the dog after her huge party last night.

Jules arrives and introduces herself to Sonja. Luann shows up and has a belated birthday gift for Bethenny which is awkward since it’s Ramona’s birthday party but Luann could care less saying Bethenny is like family to her.

Bethenny pushes back at Luann telling her she didn’t appreciate her trying to make nice after the difficult summer they had. The conversation turned into a full-blown argument quickly as the party guests watched on. Luann apologizes and the two embrace.

Dorinda finally makes an appearance after all the drama but made sure to bring some of her own. She starts complaining about how everyone continues to be rude to John. She theorizes that everyone is jealous of her and John’s relationship, which was of curse a passive-egressive attack at the birthday day girl after Ramona made some insulting comments about John. Ramona, who ever heard Dorinda went over to complain about it Bethenny and Carole.

Shockingly Dorinda then raises a toast to Ramona and sends her a message about honesty and loyalty.

Thoughts on this week’s episode? Are the ladies too hard on John? Will Bethenny and Jules’ truce last?

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