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RHOBH Recap: Reunion Part Three!

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The season may be over, but there’s still plenty of drama to discuss, and so they did during part three of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion. While the three-part reunion has been dramatic and filled with tension and accusations, the third installment of the reunion takes the cake and kicks things up a notch. The final chapter of the season six reunion was filled with arguments, a resolution or two and an unfiltered appearance by a former Housewife.

LVP can’t say sorry, like ever

LVP was in the hot seat for much of part three of the reunion. And surprisingly LVP avoided making any apologies as usual. The ladies believe LVP has a hard time making apologies even though she doesn’t seem to see it that way. In fact, LVP was then accused of turning Eileen into a bitch this season for her inability to apologize and turn the issue on everyone else. Ouch.

Kathryn defends LVP saying she’s NEVER said anything bad about any of ladies. PUL-LEEZE!

Then LVP’s manipulating ways are brought up yet again. Rinna claims that LVP is still the one who egged her on to bring up the Munchausen rumors and to bring Kyle into it all. LVP denies it all.

Kyle says she NEVER heard the word Munchausen until Rinna brought it up and says ‘s NEVER talked about it with LVP. Rinna then questions how LVP knew about it and discussed Munchausen before Rinna ever brought it up on camera.

LVP maintains that she believed Rinna would drag the entire cast into the Munchausen rumors which Andy doesn’t buy.

Rinna then says LVP is deflecting and tries to gaslight everyone.

Yolanda thinks it all is confusing and says that she trust Eileen’s instincts.

In the end, LVP doesn’t know why her co-stars think she’s manipulative; she also doesn’t feel she owes anyone in the cast an apology.

The B is Back

Brandi returns to RHOBH in a pre-filmed segment where she has a message for the wives. Brandi made sure to tell LVP that she thinks she is manipulative.

Brandi’s message each wife goes like this.

Kyle is a good person but is completely different around LVP.

Kathryn is great and loves younger men which Brandi approves of.

Rinna is nuttier than a squirrel and needs to stop claiming she’s owning her shit cause she’s not.

Erika is amazing, and BG loves that she’s calling LVP out.

Eileen gets an apology from BG. Brandi also loves Eileen’s new hair, and that’s she seen LVP’s manipulative ways.

LVP is a genius at changing the narrative according to BG, who also calls LVP a puppeteer and manipulative.

After Brandi’s segment, the ladies all give their two cents, and LVP isn’t happy. LVP complains that she doesn’t understand why Brandi’s allowed to film something and talk bad about them. Saying she was fired and needs to go away. LVP does claim to wish her well.

Kyle and LVP agree that Brandi always accuses them of talking about her but that its the other way around. Kyle also doesn’t get why Brandi doesn’t like her and LVP being friends.

Yo thinks it’s fair for Brandi to speak which Kyle and LVP don’t agree with.

Newbie vs. Newbie

Kathryn’s betrayal of Erika came back with a vengeance and Erika still isn’t happy with Kathryn tattling to LVP. Kathryn explains her reason why she tattled to LVP; saying she wished Erika never said anything to her about LVP. Erika reveals that Kathryn called LVP a “harmless old lady,” which Kathryn denies and calls Erika ”desperate.”

Kathryn then says that Erika is the one who talks about everyone behind their backs. LVP jumps in and defends Kathryn. All the ladies agree that Kathryn was out of line for telling LVP what Erika said.

It turns out Kathryn and Erika are on good terms now and are one the road to a real friendship.

Ken vs. Housewives

Ken’s comments about LVP’s co-stars are brought up. The ladies say they would be appalled if their husbands talked about their co-stars the way Ken does. Ken is known for speaking his mind about the wives when they are in tiffs with his wife and most of the time he’s a bit harsh. LVP isn’t appalled at anything Ken’s said about her co-stars; saying Ken’s was pissed off. Yolanda brings up her past altercation with Ken when she and LVP were having problems. LVP thinks Ken may owe Rinna an apology.

LVP and Kyle Are Best Friends FOREVER

Kyle agrees that her friendship with LVP is a rollercoaster ride but with more good than bad times. Kyle doesn’t think she kisses LVP’s ass, despite criticism from the ladies that she’ll do and say anything to stay in LVP’s good graces. Kyle says she remains on good terms with LVP because she knows that Lisa will be there for her no matter what. LVP’s admits that she and Kyle did laugh at some of Yolanda’s Instagram posts which Yolanda doesn’t find funny.

I’m so sad to RHOBH go! Is it too soon to say I can’t wait for season seven? Congrats to the wives on a great season! Cheers!

Thoughts on part three of the RHOBH reunion? Sound off below!

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