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RHOD Recap – Mouth of the South!

Image Source: Bravo
Image Source: Bravo

Hold on to your cowboy hats – we’re back in Dallas!!

We’re starting off with Brandi in full mom mode (which wouldn’t be complete with out some dog poop talk!) It has been determined that Brandi and her two daughters will accompany Stephanie and her sons to visit Stephanie’s family. Road trip housewives style!

On to LeeAnne and the only thing she talks about: Charity! LeeAnne is going to meet with the “Queen of the Charity world (apparently in Dallas that is a title) and they discuss upcoming charity events. I have to say – dressing up and donating money sounds like a lifestyle I would be interested in – sign me up!

Stephanie and Brandi are wrangling their kids to attempt and leave for their road trip; however when you have 4 children (and a puppy) nothing is easy. I do feel for Stephanie and Brandi in this scene as it certainly looks like a car ride from hell. I agree with Stephanie that with 4 kids and rich husbands – next time bring a nanny.

Back to LeeAnne and her full time job (charity) – she discloses that she got involved in the charity world by starting out volunteering at animal adoptions and it snowballed from there. Once again, I’m not sure how she earns a living by this but it doesn’t seem like a bad way to spend your time!

We get to meet Stephanie’s family who seem like some nice down to earth folk and also learn what Stephanie’s farts smell like (thanks for that Brandi!) The Jesus juice is flowing and Brandi and Stephanie are appalled that Stephanie’s family doesn’t use Uber (as apparently the two are frequent users). Stephanie discloses she was quite the conservative girl growing up with weekly church trips, no alcohol and no messing around with boys. Stephanie’s family at dinner is very sweet and you can tell they are a nice, close knit family.

Cary and Tiffany are getting close and are doing yoga together. I have to add – as someone who does and knows yoga, Cary is incredibly good at it and I can see where she gets that rock hard body! Every good yoga session deserves a juice bar afterwards, and Cary is baffled that Tiffany holds LeeAnne on some Dallas pedestal. In what will surely become RHOD’s ridiculous main storyline, Tiffany discloses she has trouble being close with the other girls because Brandi wore poop in her hat to a charity event which upset LeAnne.

Inspired by Stephanie’s close family, Brandi attempts to reconnect with her estranged grandfather. Brandi is looking to bring them to Texas to meet the family and they agree – good for Brandi!

The ladies are out at a cocktail party and tensions are high. Apparently not even the one man at the party can resist gossiping about LeeAnne. Brandi seemed to get along quite nicely with this gentleman and the two do some gossip. LeeAnne comes over and it looks like Brandi had too many cocktails and gave an awkward apology (which couldn’t even count as an apology) which naturally LeAnne doesn’t take to nicely. LeeAnne actually does a nice job of keeping quiet and let Brandi ramble; however then totally snaps and turns on Stephanie putting a curse on her future charity events.

All in all not the most eventful episode but let us know what you think!

Whose side are you on? LeeAnne or Brandi’s?

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