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Kathy Hilton Reveals She’s STILL Friends With Lisa Rinna; Plus Calls Out A “Jealous” Housewife!

Image Source: Kathy Hilton

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills better think twice before being naughty at the reunion because Kathy Hilton is keeping tabs. The big sister of RHOBH stars Kim and Kyle Richards is making sure the Housewives are playing nice during the three part reunion. Kathy took to Twitter and had some choice words for her sister’s co-stars; even going as far as to call her some of the wives “jealous.”

Before the reunion, Kathy tweeted, “I will be watching The Housewives of Beverly Hills 2night 2 see who is naughty & who is nice. Part 2 of the reunion! Can”t wait,” going on to say “I hope everyone behaves 2nite!!!”

Lisa Rinna promised Kathy the Housewives would be nice saying “On our best behavior.”

While many would think Kathy would have major issues with Lisa Rinna after her on-going feud with her sister Kim but surprisingly Kathy and Lisa R seem to be very cool. Kathy called Rinna a “good girl” revealing that they “have been friends four yrs,” and that she has forgiven Lisa saying, “She is new & she has said she is sorry.” Even going to as far as to say she thinks Lisa and Kim may be friends one day.

Kathy also showed support and love for BOTH her sisters during the reunion saying,“No, I love my sister,” when asked if she could replace Kyle on RHOBH. Kathy also gave props to Kim for her strength tweeting, “Kim has been around this business longer than anyone of these ladies. Trust me she is stronger than u realize.”

Although Kathy is cool with Lisa R, she clearly has issues with some of the other Housewives calling out some extremely jealous behavior; saying one wife, in particular, shoots some serious side eye during the reunion and constantly interjects herself when others are asked questions.

“Don”t u c the long jealous faces of some of the woman on the sofa when @andy gives attention or asks a question?” Kathy tweeted. Adding, “And the one always interjecting just to get her mug on camera & and answer a question not directed two her. Acting all concerned.”

Kathy then accused the wives of deflecting saying, “they get on a subject & beat 2 death! It’s call deflecting,” and that “most of the women want to stay far away from their own lives.”

It seems Kathy had a lot to get off her chest and I personally love all the shade she’s throwing. For some reason I think the Housewife Kathy is bashing might be LVP…or perhaps Eileen? Guess we will never know.

Thoughts on Kathy’s twitter rant? Which Housewife do you think Kathy is referring to? Are you surprised Kathy and Rinna are friends?

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