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RHOD RECAP: Making Frenemies

(Image Source: Bravo)
(Image Source: Bravo)

Here at AARTH we’ve all decided to change things up with our recaps and make them a bit more fun! While of course some serious drama goes down on the housewives, why shouldn’t we all get a good laugh while watching? I ask you to find your sense of humor for this week’s RHOD recap; I mean, we are talking about mom’s night out and poop hat drama!

Below is a breakdown of what went down tonight!

Mom’s Night Out

So Brandi’s husband is headed out for another business trip and she is visibly crushed; until she meets her BFF Stephanie for “date night and they get “white girl wasted.” The ladies decide to invite Cary out for some fun and things go bad quickly. The whole time I was mortified for Cary who seemed so uncomfortable by the whole night. Brandi and Stephanie convince her to head to a strip club where they know the owner and are greeted like regulars. Cary pointed out that she knows owner of restaurants, and I had to laugh!

Once at the club Brandi is really letting loose, Stephanie is enjoying being her sidekick, and Cary is trying to figure out an escape plan. Brandi gets called on stage and basically puts on a routine until they ask her to leave the stage before they offer her a job, yeah she was that good!

Almost Mommy Dearest

LeeAnne reveals that she met Rich online and was hesitant to date him because he looked old and she likes to have fun! Fast forward she is dying to marry him and he wont budge. We meet Rich’s daughter Elyse who’s 17 and was very uncomfortable on camera. LeeAnne feels “home” with her family of Rich and Elyse and I like her way better in this scene than when she’s social climbing the charity world!


Brandi and her girls go over to a play date at Stephanie’s and she is in a bad place. As expected, Brian is furious at Brandi for her behavior at the strip club and she’s a wreck about it. Stephanie says she did nothing wrong and everything will be okay, and Brandi says her and Brian just don’t have fun like they used to.

Just Let that Sh*t Go

LeeAnne has Tiffany over for a “fun” afternoon of day drinking, which actually means Brandi bashing. LeeAnne has asked Cary and Stephanie to brunch so they can discuss went down with the fake poop on her seat at the Mad Hatter Charity Lunch. Tiffany thinks that Brandi’s poop hat was hysterical and Brandi should let it go. LeeAnne continues that Brandi has no class and she feels bad for her daughters because they will grow up not knowing how to act.

When Tiffany is at home she tells Aaron that LeeAnne is negatively affecting how people in Dallas look at her. She also thinks that being young and thin with a hot husband is making people jealous but hey, maybe she’s right! Tiffany decides that LeeAnne’s problems with all of the “young” girls is affecting her forming friendships with them, and Aaron basically tells her that LeeAnne has problems with everyone and she needs new friends; nailed it!

LeeAnne and Tiffany are sorting through clothes to donate to charity of course and Tiffany’s afternoon with Cary gets brought up right away. Tiffany reveals that she wants to be friends with Cary and Stephanie and that means that Brandi will have to be around her. LeeAnne makes a huge deal how that will reflect badly on Tiffany’s position in society, but Tiffany interjects that she doesn’t want to be nearly as involved as LeeAnne is. LeeAnne says she hates drama and in her interview Tiffany confirms what we all were thinking; LeeAnne loves drama!

Brian is back from business and things are really tense with him and Brandi. You can tell this couple is going through a really hard time and he thinks that her behavior at the strip club was bad for business. If it wasn’t filmed he probably wouldn’t care so much but I can see why he’s upset, especially their first season on the show. Hopefully this couple isn’t the next hit by the “Bravo curse,” but it’s not looking good right now!

In The Closet

Tiffany arrives at Cary’s house to film an episode for her fashion blog/Youtube channel and we get to see her AMAZING closet! Cary reveals that Mark picks out her clothes and she actually has horrible style! Mark completely takes over the episode and explains all of her outfits while Cary stands behind him. Cary referred to Mark as her “wife so many times already on RHOD and I can’t lie but something seems off here to me!

Class Is In Session

So finally we’re at brunch and LeeAnne declares she invited Stepahnie and Cary so she can educate them on how to act in society. She immediately shows the ladies her friends blog (the TMZ of charity) and the articles are all bashing Brandi for wearing the poop hat. LeeAnne goes so far as to put the fake poop right on the table at lunch; hopefully Stephanie brought that home for Brandi, she probably wants that back!

LeeAnne starts preaching on and on about how offended everyone at the event was, while Cary and Stephanie don’t see anything wrong with it. They have no desire to be there and defend Brandi’s hat, but LeeAnne won’t let up. She is on her high horse about her position in society and how the ladies need to listen to her if they want to be successful in the charity world. LeeAnne even tells Stephanie people were asking if she was associated with Brandi, and I wonder if that’s actually true?

LeeAnne says multiple times she won’t back down and is dangerous to mess with, ouch. Cary finally says what we’ve all been wondering, why does LeeAnne act so entitled if she wasn’t born into Dallas society? With this LeeAnne leaves because she “can’t reach this audience,” but she thinks the ladies are completely stupid for not listening to her!

Next week things finally get good when all hell breaks loose at a girl’s night out; it looks like LeeAnne VS everybody else, and Stephanie ends up in tears!

What did you think of tonight’s recap? What did you think of tonight’s RHOD? Let’s Discuss!

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