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Stephanie Hollman Calls Meeting Her Husband “Drunk Love At First Site” Admits They Do Therapy

Image Source: Bravo
Image Source: Bravo

Stephanie Hollman is the beautiful and bubbly housewife on RHOD. Stephanie has had some backlash due to her “chores” along with her antics with fellow fun loving BFF Brandi; however Stephanie has made it clear that she isn’t your basic Stepford wife and refuses to apologize for who she is!

Stephanie recently spoke with Celebuzz to give the low down on how her life and of course becoming a housewife.

On meeting her husband for the first time:

We met through a mutual friend over dinner and a lot of Jesus juice, a lot of wine (laughs). I think in the show I called it “drunk love at first sight”. You drink, you kiss, the next day it’s a little awkward, then you drink again and it’s not so awkward; it was fun. He would just show up and surprise me at a restaurant when I thought I was meeting a girl friend in the middle of the week, it was sweet. I have emails that are so sweet from him and I’m like, “Why don’t you write this anymore?!”

Finally a housewife that admits she watched the show before she came on (as most deny knowing what they were getting themselves into):

I’ve been watching since Orange County first season. I love the franchise. I feel like there’s something for every woman because everyone’s so different and every city is so different. It’s almost like you get to go on vacation to the different cities. I love it, and when Brandi [Redmond] and I were asked to be a part of the franchise it was such cool honor just because I’ve admired and looked up to the women that I’ve been watching for seven years.

A girl friend of mine recommended myself and my best friend Brandi. She was like, “They’re goofy, they’re a lot of fun, I think they’ll be good.” It was a really fast process.

On her favorite Housewives cities:

There’s something really dreamy about Beverly Hills because the weather is so pretty and everyone lives in these huge houses so I love the fantasy in that. And I like the New York women because they’re so witty and really fast and I kind of like that.

Stephanie also admits she was worried about how the show would affect her picture perfect family:

It’s so funny because when I decided to do the show I was first of all worried about my children. I have a four- and six-year-old and I never wanted them to think I chose a career over being a stay-at-home mom, and this is perfect because I can do both. They worked around the kids’ school schedule with filming. Also, throughout the season my husband and I went to therapy, which sounds so weird, but we saw a therapist once a week because I was afraid that if we didn’t communicate things would change. I just never wanted him to be upset with me or me be overwhelmed and not have that communication.

On BFF and fellow goof ball Brandi:

Our husbands are best friends. When I met Travis, our first double date was with Brandi and her husband. I met her and I 100% fell in love with her before I was in love with Travis. Like, if she were a guy I would so marry her! We have a better friendship than most marriages, we don’t ever fight and we’re very supportive. We also really love to annoy people and you’ll see that on the show.

On her favorite housewives:

I think I’m different than a lot of the other Housewives. I’m very not filtered in a weird way, like I’ll say things that are kind of self-deprecating or what I probably shouldn’t say. I hope to be a mother like Yolanda Foster, because I think the relationship she has with her children is so wonderful. I’d like to be as witty as Bethenny, there are things that I would like to be that I admire in them.

On what she is looking forward to this season:

It’s weird, because I’m kind of excited for viewers to see obviously the good times with Brandi and my family, but I’m a mom. I struggle. It’s hard being a parent and having the cameras right there. I hope that women can look at me and see that I don’t take myself too seriously, I try really hard but I’m not perfect and you have to embrace that side of yourself. Hopefully people will see me and realize that it’s ok to not have it together. Women especially are very hard on themselves.

What do you think of Stephanie and her husband so far? Do you think she is a good fit for a housewife?


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