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Is Jacqueline Laurita Being Unfairly Blamed For RHONJ Season Seven Drama?


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Jacqueline Laurita has rocked the boat since returning to the Real Housewives of New Jersey for season seven and her return as a full-time Housewife has been over shadowed by drama and back-stabbing. While Jac has been accused of being the mastermind behind most of the RHONJ season seven drama, it seems that she may be getting unfairly blamed for stirring the pot.

Sources reveal that Jac’s supposed passion for RHONJ doesn’t sit well with her co-stars. “Jacqueline has been an instrumental force behind the scenes since the first season of RHONJ. From day one, Jacqueline had played a key role in getting the original cast in place. Her main goal was to have everyone get along and get back to what fans had originally been attracted to in the beginning.”

So when producers felt they needed to kick up the drama for season seven and that infamous Vermont trip occurred causing a major rife between Jacqueline and her co-stars including Robyn Levy, Teresa Giudice, and Melissa Gorga; Jacqueline became the scapegoat for it all.

“Jacqueline felt she had no other choice but to leave because all of her work to keep the ladies from fighting had been for nothing. For Jacqueline to be portrayed as the villain before the season even airs just isn’t fair to her or the show. Jacqueline is prohibited by her Bravo contract from defending herself in attacks she is getting on social media,” the source reveals.

As for now Jacqueline isn’t on speaking terms with Melissa Gorga or Teresa Giudice but sources say fans shouldn’t count on Tre and Jac’s friendship being over for good.

“They have a very, very long and complicated history. You are talking about two women that are very much alike; outspoken, say things in the heat of the moment and regret it later, and are committed to their families. Will they make-up? Only time will tell!”

Hate to say it but I kind of agree with this. I think Jac is being blamed for the all the season seven drama and honestly, I’m sure that’s not the case. I think producers have a lot to do with it. Time will tell if we are right or wrong about Jac’s involvement in the drama.

Do you think Jac is being unfairly blamed for the season seven drama? Will Jac be the new RHONJ villain?

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