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RHOD Recap: Mad As A Hatter!

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Saddle up as it’s time for episode two of the Real Housewives of Dallas!

Tonight’s recap will be a little bit different so bear with us! RHOD is still getting its feet wet, and a lot of the episode seemed to be filler nonsense! Sorry Bravo!

To sum up the episode, the ladies talked charity and poop much like episode one and prepared for the Mad Hatter charity event then attended the event. Yawn.

Here’s a little breakdown of what happened with the each of the ladies!


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Brandi showed fans her multi-faceted self and spent the episode going back and forth from laughter and tears. Brandi had some fun and showed Marie’s daughter dance moves and also apologized for her fight with LeeAnne. Brandi then spent time making her very own “POOP” hat for the Mad Hatter charity event – where she, not surprisingly, added fake poop to her hat. Gag me!

Later on, Brandi opens up to Stephanie about practically being a single mom since her husband Bryan is always traveling in attempts to become a multi-millionaire by 40. It seems that Brandi wants to hire help but feels guilty about it. Stephanie also reveals how exhausted she is but says her husband helps her a lot. Brandi also gets emotional as she celebrates her mom’s birthday and shares that her mother was a teenage mother/wife.

Brandi’s hat doesn’t go over to well at the charity event especially with LeeAnne. Brandi doesn’t give a dam and continues going on throughout the night talking about poop. She even goes as far as to place a piece of fake poop on LeeAnne’s chair. LeeAnne then goes and tattles on Brandi to her charity friends, which Brandi isn’t worried about since she donates so much to charity each year.


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LeeAnne is super excited to prep for the Mad Hatter charity event where last year she won the best hat. LeeAnne goes on about how much publicity the hat designers will get; making it clear she won’t be spending a dime!

The Mad Hatter charity finally comes around, and LeeAnne is once again showing off. It’s pretty clear that Brandi steals the spotlight with her massive and ugly hat, which LeeAnne isn’t a fan of at all. LeeAnne feels like Brandi bitch slapped all the elegant and classy ladies at the event and had damaged her reputation.


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Cary pops in here and there this episode, and we get to catch up with her and her hubby Mark. Cary reveals that when she met Mark, he was a fat Doctor with a horrible haircut but lost weight due to the power of her lady parts. TMI!!!


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It turns out that LeeAnne and Tiffany had worked together as models years ago and didn’t like each other at first but then turned into great friends the more they worked together.

Tiffany wants to buy a home, but her husband is reluctant to do so. The couple goes looks at places after twisting her husband’x arm into it. It seems that Tiffany’s husband is homesick for L.A. and his friends which make’s Tiffany feel a little bit guilty.


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Stephanie had more chores to do like the last episode but this time, her duties included removing a hornet’s nest! Umm…no.

Stephanie reveals to Brandi that she sent LeeAnne an apology email because she doesn’t want to be on her bad side. Stephanie then reads what LeeAnne wrote back to her which accuses Brandi of attacking her. It’s also clear that Brandi doesn’t think she needs to apologize to LeeAnne for anything!

In a personal moment with Brandi, Stephanie admits that she too feels exhausted from motherhood a lot but admits her husband helps her a lot.

It seems that Stephanie is the only Housewife not grossed out by Brandi’s poop hat and doesn’t get why people are making such a big deal over it.

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So far I do not love RHOD, and I had super high hopes for this franchise. I’m hoping the season gets better as it progresses. I’m done with the charity and poop talk, to be honest. First off the poop talk is gross and not funny. And the charity talk is BORING. Lets hope episode three is better 🙂

What did you think of episode two of RHOD? Do you like RHOD?

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