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RHOP RECAP: Reunion Part 2

Image Source: Bravo
Image Source: Bravo

We pick up right away this week on The Real Housewives of Potomac Reunion part 2 with Katie Rost talking about her favorite topic, race. Although she pointed out multiple times that Robyn and Gizelle are the ones obsessed with race; either way this topic got old very quickly.

Katie accused Robyn of “attacking her about race all season, and Robyn’s defense is that she doesn’t understand why she is so sensitive to it. Charrisse jumped to Katie’s defense saying that Robyn’s comments about what “box” Katie’s children will check was offensive. Robyn says she was genuinely curious because she has a lot of biracial friends, and Katie believed her. Katie apologizes for calling Robyn dumb and yelling at her previously and claims all of this hate was meant for Gizelle. She then goes on to point out that half of her family is white, so it was inappropriate for Gizelle to say that white people don’t like her, as much as I love Gizelle that is a good point. Gizelle blames that on editing of course. Back onto the checked box dilemma we actually find out that Katie’s license says she is black, however she didn’t check any boxes the ladies at the DMV assumed all on there own.

Andy asks Ashley her opinion on the topic and it’s no surprise she too is #teamKatie. Ashley says that Robyn and Gizelle dye their hair blonde because they are trying to identify more with white people; obviously they get upset by this. Then Ashley brings up Michael’s infamous butt grab, bringing up how Robyn brought race into this situation by asking if it was a “white guy thing.” Robyn used her favorite defense, curiosity. Robyn also points out that if Michael grabbed Juan Dixon’s butt he would “wipe the floor” with him.

Andy asks Charrisse if Eddie is back home since he got fired; no he is not. Charrisse says they did not discuss the show at all, and they don’t discuss divorce now. In fact the only things they discuss now are “the children and the weather. Ashley tells Charrisse she needs to make some changes since she’s not happy, and obviously Charrisse didn’t like that. These two were BFF on Watch What Happens Live just a few weeks ago, but something obviously went down because their vibe is cold as ice. Charrisse goes further to say that she will never file for divorce, and if she gets divorced it will not her choice. Gizelle asks if Charrisse is going to send anymore “stank messages” a bout her marriage. Apparently she asked Gizelle to “not make up lies, to make yourself relevant by making up lies about my marriage.” Charrisse doesn’t remember the text being that nasty, then she goes on to say that she has respect for Gizelle’s children so she wouldn’t say that she’s a whore sleeping with men all over the country; Gizelle confirms she is dating, but that doesn’t mean she’s having sex with them. Charrisse thinks Gizelle only brought up Eddie for the cameras, Gizelle said she talks about whatever she is going to talk about whether the cameras are present or not. Charrisse said that shockingly she is the closest with Katie out of all the ladies. She accuses Karen of being delusional, and Karen calls Charrisse a “snake in the grass.” Charrisse reveals Karen called her up late at night and declared herself “the star of the show,” something she quickly denied. Charrisse also said that Karen refused to take a walk with her one day, and Karen fires back that it’s because they were still filming; I’m not sure why that would matter and either was Andy.

Sadly, Charrisse confirms Andy’s belief that the only reason Eddie didn’t come to her birthday party was because of the cameras, and it’s clear RHOP was a major point of contention for the two. Andy asks if this hurt her feelings, and Charrisse says she more so disappointed. Charrisse goes on that she joined the show to share her story and inspire other women, and Katie says she did just that. Andy said the best part of Charrisse was seeing her open up and be vulnerable about her marriage, yet today she is not emotional. He goes on that the situation sounds bad, but she’s being “blasé” about it; she fires back that she just handles things differently.

Next in the hot seat is Katie who gets totally grilled about her relationship with Andrew. Clearly, Andy agreed with all of America that she was pressuring him into marriage because he called her out on just that. When Bravo played back her package with scenes of Andrew Katie was cringing, and probably super embarrassed. We find out that Andrew and Katie were on their way to NYC for the reunion when they broke off the engagement. He was set to appear on the reunion, but they got in a fight that resulted in her giving the ring back, ouch. Katie actually revealed that they had broken up a few months ago, but then were off and on for a while. Katie said that he was always gone and when she asked him if he really wanted to marry her, he didn’t know how to reply. Andy asks the ladies if they think Katie’s pushiness scared him off, and no one said yes. Katie says that she thinks that Andrew just doesn’t want to get married to anyone. Andy then asks Katie how the kids will react to the break-up, but she says that they’ve already been asking questions since he’s never around. Thankfully Katie learned a huge lesson with this situation and is going to be very careful bringing men around her children moving forward.

Andy asks Katie about a tweet she sent out a while back that she was bisexual, to which she replies that she is. In fact, she thinks EVERYONE is bisexual but the ladies don’t agree. They all seem put off by that theory, except for Ashley. She confirmed that not only did she “take a dip in the lady pond,” but she actually had a girlfriend when she was 18. Katie discloses that casino night for The Rost Foundation is coming up soon, and Charrisse is her chairwoman, while none of the other ladies are involved at all.

We get on the topic of Ashley’s beach weekend from hell and her face while they show the package looks like she drank sour milk. Karen on the other hand looks totally pissed and ready for war. Michael and Raymond are the only men who showed up for the reunion and they are a bit awkward at first. Karen and Ashley are going back and forth bickering and Karen makes a good point. Ashley went out of her way to be vulgar and say “if you have a petrusion in your pants you can’t come,” yet Michael did. They reach no resolution and then Ashley called out Gizelle for calling Michael “creepy and disguising.” While I wouldn’t go that far, I personally don’t see the attraction. Michael said the ladies were in his home where it’s his rules and Raymond gets involved. He says that Michael went to his beach house for some strange fantasy about being with 7 women; ew. Michael basically says my wife is way hotter and younger than yours, so I’ll pass on that. The Grand Dame herself gets seriously mad by this and tells him not to come for her. Robyn actually defends Ashley and says she likes Michael, and it was clear that he came there to see Ashley, Charrisse agreed. Michael accuses Ray of being Karen’s puppet, and Karen fires back that Ashley constantly has to make excuses for Michael’s behavior. Andy asks Gizelle if she thinks Michael is gay, and her response is that it’s none of her business. Then Andy asks Michael his take on the butt grab and he says that he had become good friends with Andrew and “he’s got a nice ass.” I’m not sure if he was joking or not, because he goes on to explain that it’s an Australian thing; I’ve never been there so I’ll take his word for it. Andy asks Ray how he’d feel if Michael grabbed his ass and it turns out that he would pull a Juan Dixon and basically knock him out.

Andy goes on to ask Karen about her vulgar line at the Come to Jesus lunch that Ashley should procreate. Ashley seems really upset about it, but Gizelle points out that she’s the one who said put it out there that Michael pulls out. (side note: so many RHOP topics are uncomfortable to write about, but this might take the cake) The ladies all say that they want Ashley to have a baby, and Karen even prays on it! Andy asks Karen why she had Ashley try on bathing suits for Rayvin if she didn’t want her around her daughter. Karen points out that as the season went on Ashley did a lot of things that wouldn’t make her a good role model, and then she names them; the list is long. Ashley says these things were done amongst grown women, and she’d never act that way around young girls. Michael says his kids are in his 20’s, but Karen has a potty mouth and is constantly inappropriate, so he doesn’t want her around them; everyone laughed!

Andy turns to Gizelle now and he first asks her about dating; Gizelle confirms she is still dating but has not found a boyfriend yet. Gizelle divulged that she has gotten way more attention from men since she joined the show. A fan asks why Gizelle got so involved in everyone’s business this season and she said that she just states her opinion when a situation happens in the group. Charrisse says that Gizelle is a narcissist and that’s why she does that. Karen jumps in that they all are a bit narcissistic, including herself. Charrisse and Karen start bickering again about what a narcissist actually is, and Karen reveals she doesn’t understand what Charrisse’s problem is with her.

Onto the awkward night at Ashley’s birthday party when Katie was totally wasted, Katie seemed totally mortified by this, finally. Katie explains that her and Andrew drank several glasses of wine before they got to the party, and then drank a lot at the party. Gizelle defends her involvement that she was just concerned, and Karen agrees that she was as well. Gizelle jumps in that it’s Katie’s fault that this is even a conversation because she put it out there when they were filming a show. Andy asks Katie if she thinks that Gizelle was jealous of her and Andrew and that’s why she kept talking about that night, and surprisingly Katie says no. Gizelle brings up some behind the scenes dirt that Katie fell into her car and started talking/slurring nonsense. She goes on that Robyn got in the car and Katie’s smack talking got so bad that Robyn left the car out of anger. Gizelle points out that it was mean girl behavior, and that Katie got involved trying to talk about Robyn’s business. Gizelle makes it clear that she doesn’t believe that Katie was just drinking that night, and Katie fires back that the entire cast had a problem with Gizelle. Gizelle gets upset and asks if Katie wants to talk about what was edited out. Katie pretends she has no idea what Gizelle is talking about, but it’s clear that she does.

A fan asks about Katie “slut shaming” Gizelle and things start to get nasty. They go back and forth about some lobby story involving Gizelle having sex and she decides to stop playing nice. She goes onto explain what Bravo left out, and it’s juicy. Apparently at a Bravo promo shoot Katie peed on the couch, EW! Katie says that she “had 3 kids so sometimes a little squirts out, yes she said that! Gizelle clarifies that Katie showed up 2 hours late and drunk, and that’s actually why she peed on the couch! Katie says that is not true, and Charrisse agreed.

Charrisse decided to share with everyone that since The Real Housewives of Potomac aired she has not spoken to Eddie. He is upset with her for airing their issues, but she’s okay with it.

All of the ladies agree they learned so much watching themselves on TV, and RHOP was a great experience! As AATRH previously reported RHOP was picked up for season 2; congrats to all of the Potomac ladies on a great season!

What did you think of the RHOP reunion part 2? What did you think of the season overall? Who was your favorite? Least favorite? Will you watch RHOP season 2?

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