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Tiffany Hendra Opens Up About Rock Bottom Moment; Plus Insists LeeAnne Locken’s Motivation For Charity is Sincere!

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Tiffany Hendra was an open book on the premiere of The Real Housewives of Dallas as she explained what “brought her home” to Dallas. Tiffany is gorgeous so it’s no surprise that she was a working model and actress in L.A. It was a shock to hear that she gave into the temptations that come with the Hollywood lifestyle, but she finished on-top. Tiffany credits her husband Aaron for saving her when she hit rock bottom on the bathroom floor. In this week’s Bravo Blog Tiffany gets even more candid about why she needed to get back to her Southern roots. Tiffany also defends her BFF LeeAnne Locken against claims she has ulterior, selfish motives for being involved in the charity scene, and dishes on why she approached Brandi Redmond about her impressions! Tell us about your “come to Jesus moment” and the decision to come home. What are the biggest differences about living in Texas vs. LA?
Tiffany Hendra: In 2002, while I was still hiding my past and living in shame, I numbed myself with just about anything I could from drugs, to bad boys, to too many trips to Fred Segal and work. Self-destruction was my focus. I only abused the harder drugs like coke and ecstasy on the weekends, but during the week I began a nightly ritual of Vicodin and half a bottle of red wine. Not quite sure how I managed to get to the studios for work at the butt crack of dawn. As we all know now, Vicodin is a seriously powerful and addictive pharmaceutical. I did not know then. One night, my friends and I were heading to the Grove for dinner and a movie. I popped a pill and downed a few glasses of wine to make the night a bit more fun. Back at home, I began to sweat, my vision was blurry, and I felt like a million knives were gouging my stomach. I have never sweat like that in my life and puked my brains out. It was an out of body experience and although I had turned my back on God, I began to pray and beg Him to save me. He did — right there on the bathroom floor.

It’s been a wild ride being back in Dallas after living in LA for over 15 years. It’s a different Dallas and I’m a different woman now. I would say one of the biggest differences is the sense of community. In LA, everyone is on a mission to hustle their screenplay, their music, their career. Community is not on the priority list. Paying your rent, eating and being able to afford acting classes is the priority. Obviously, the lifestyle is also different. After living back in Dallas for 3-4 months, I put on nearly 10 pounds. In LA, everyone is so active! You walk the beach, take yoga, do the Santa Monica stairs and hike Runyon Canyon. When people want to discuss a project and do business, they meet at Runyon and hike while they chat. In Dallas, eating and drinking is the main sport and lifestyle. Aaron and I frequent White Rock Lake as our Runyon replacement. When the show was green lit, I immediately got a gym membership to shed those extra lbs. What is it like hearing your husband sing about you and being able to give back to him with the guitar? Also – does he/you think he looks like Keith Urban at all? We think the likeness is uncanny!
TH: I’m not sure if I have ever NOT teared up when I hear Aaron sing “The Reason”. Many women get diamonds as gifts, I get songs written about me. For him to be able to sing on Bravo is just well, surreal. (Tearing up as I write that!) It was a big deal to me to be able to buy Aaron a Texas guitar. He was dead set on buying me a diamond engagement ring even though I swore I was happy with a modest band. He said I deserved a diamond and sold his guitar collection to be able to do so. (Here come the tears again, LOL!) So, for me to be able to help him replenish his collection means the world to me!

Do we think Aaron looks like Keith Urban? HELL YEAH! Everywhere we go people comment on it. We take it as a compliment because A) Keith is hot! B) Keith is a remarkable musician! C) Keith is a fellow Aussie! But, I do have to say, Aaron is taller than Keith. Tell us about approaching Brandi about her imitations — were you expecting her to clam up? What do you think of her reaction?
TH: When LeeAnne told me about Brandi imitating us, I cracked up and could not wait to see her in action. Honestly, I thought it was all in fun, so when I approached Brandi about it, I was shocked that she was so shy and clammed up. That immediately told me that there must be much more to it than just light-hearted fun. Hmmm Hmmm! Obviously a charity cocktail party was not the time or place for her SNL comedy sketch. But neither was sitting LeeAnne down for a serious chat about how she thinks LeeAnne’s motivation in the charity world is selfish. But, like I always say, Brandi is the tiniest petite thing with lady balls the size of Texas. It’s Brandi’s reality and perception if she feels LeeAnne sharing her story at a charity luncheon for women with HIV is disrespectful and selfish. Knowing LeeAnne for so many years, I can say wholeheartedly that her motivation in the charity world is sincere. She used to pull over and pick up stray dogs and help people to her detriment. Some people are more reserved about their charity work and it must have bothered Brandi enough to feel the need to get it off her chest and approach LeeAnne. I agree, there is a time and place to share your personal story, but I believe LeeAnne has the awareness of when it is or is not appropriate. It just may have been best to have that chat privately over coffee. But, you add the wine and her best friend Stephanie there to back her up just makes tensions higher. LeeAnne taunted Brandi and Cary at the bar (when Cary was twirling Brandi’s hair) and that just may have sparked our little red headed firecracker!

Thoughts on Tiffany’s blog? Did you like Tiffany this week? Were you surprised to hear of her shaky past? What did you think about Tiffany and Aaron’s relationship?  Did you like The Real Housewives of Dallas?


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