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RHONYC RECAP: An Intimates Affair

Image Source: Bravo
Image Source: Bravo

This week on The Real Housewives of New York we start off in the morning before school at Jules and Michael Wainstein’s apartment. It’s a gorgeous place and it was nice to see her cooking her husband breakfast, although she admitted she didn’t know how to make coffee! Jules also revealed that the mornings in her house are “family time, and her nanny and housekeeper are not around. Her kids are super-cute and Michael seems like a very involved father, but maybe not since Jules refered to him as one of her “children.

Bethenny is jewelry shopping for her birthday and her motto is, “treat yourself, don’t cheat yourself;” I like your style Bethenny Frankel. Dorinda her and Bethenny invites her to her birthday ho-down in the Hamptons. Bethenny admits she’s just looking for an excuse to use her fire pits, and I’m just excited to see more of her house! Dorinda and John are going to stay at Ramona’s and it’s making Dorinda very uneasy. Dorinda starts defending John to Bethenny’s friend/store owner and Bethenny immediately cuts her off that he “doesn’t need a description.” Dorinda says John’s harmless and it’s the one’s who act behind your back are the ones to worry about. Bethenny think’s there is something fishy about Dorinda always trying to “sell” John, and clearly this has gone on a lot off camera.

Carole arrives fashionably late and she dishes on her lunch with Ramona. They flashback to a montage of her just talking about herself, and Dorinda totally has her back. She reveals she has never been burned by Ramona in over 20 years, and Bethenny admits she’s hesitant because of the opposite.

Season 8 roomies Sonja and LuAnn are drinking, snacking, and gossiping; I wish I had been invited to this girls night. Sonja reveals that she hadn’t talked to Ramona for a while, and then one day Ramona called her in the summer and told her she was getting divorced. Speaking of divorce, LuAnn tells Sonja that she saw Bethenny a lot over the summer, unless she was with Carole that is. Sonja questions when they became such “fast and furious friends” to which the cool countess replied, “uh since Carole crawled up her anus.” She then boldly announces she doesn’t know if her and Carole will ever be friends again. On the topic of John and Dorinda, Sonja says she doesn’t get why John gets such a bad rep because she loves him, of course. LuAnn just wants to support Dorinda in “writing her own story.

Dorinda is over at Ramona’s where she reveals they already signed a settlement agreement and she’s rid Mario of the apartment. Sonja calls Ramona and she hits ignore (ouch). Dorinda shares in her interview that she hasn’t seen much of Sonja but she knows that her and Ramona are still not in a good place. They are discussing their daughters and how Dorinda wants hers to move out ASAP, however that doesn’t necessarily mean she wants John to move in right away. Dorinda invites Ramona to a lingerie party, and Ramona is hoping there will be something sexy for her new single self!

Carole and Bethenny meet for drinks and Bethenny lets us know that this summer the two shared a bed, for a week on summer vacation. They are very close right now and a blast to watch together. They are talking about Adam and Carole refuses to talk about their future. She says they love each other but Adam wants marriage and kids, and he deserves to have those things. She’s clearly saying they are expiration dating and that must be really hard deep down. Carole says things are really bad with her and LuAnn and she wants absolutely nothing to do with her. She says beyond the horrible things she did to her were the vile social media posts about both her and Adam. Carole reveals she wants to punch LuAnn in the face, but in reality she’ll “politely ignore her.” Bethenny says LuAnn was frantic this summer and acting out of control, constantly texting and inviting her places multiple times in a row. Then she’d send the, “don’t be all uncool” texts, wow. Carole says LuAnn thinks she’s a good person, and she’s never seen someone so delusional of who they are. Bethenny acts like she too wants nothing to do with LuAnn and I sense some major tensions with this all season.

Dorinda meets up with John at the dry cleaners and she’s telling him about her lingerie party and he seems creepily interested. She says that LuAnn and Sonja are not coming and I’m not too sure that a coincidence.

Ramona calls Bethenny for her birthday and they are chatting about Dorinda’s “Brassiere” party that night. Ramona asks Bethenny if she should tell Dorinda about John was saying about her. We find out that a friend of Ramona’s let her know she saw John and Dorinda at a party; John went to smoke a cigarette and was telling people he liked to get drunk, take Viagra, and “do with Dorinda for 6 hours, classy John. Ramona decides she is going to tell Dorinda because she would want to know, I agree. Bethenny said she’s also going to tell Dorinda to chill out on selling John to the girls, because she’s finding it hard to connect since she’s not being honest.

We’re finally at Dorinda’s party and Jules is the first to arrive, next comes Ramona and we find out the two have been friends for years. Bethenny and Carole join the group of other dynamic NYC women that Dorinda invited and it looks like a nice party. Of course, they show Jules around food and it’s a bit uncomfortable. Carole and Jules meet and Ramona introduces them as, “skinny meet skinny.” In her interview Carole agrees with Bethenny that something looks wrong about Jules’ weight, although she wants to clarify she is not skinny shaming.

Dorinda wants all of the ladies to get their bra’s re-sized, and they seem to have magicians who can do this via eye sight; no uncomfortable measurements necessary ladies! Ramona thought she was a C cup, but actually she’s a DD; man was she proud! Carole is actually in a training bra size, which she laughs off. Bethenny doesn’t really care what this woman thinks of her size, and the women take a while finding a bra for Jules. Dorinda says that LuAnn told her she’d see her this weekend at Bethenny’s birthday, to which a shocked Bethenny reveals she hasn’t invited her yet. Carole is staying at Bethenny’s, but as Dorinda confirms, LuAnn thinks her and Bethenny are close friends. Bethenny says they are friendly, but she’s shifty.

Ramona tells Carole she’s been thinking about it and she’s upset that Carole didn’t reach out when she was going through her divorce. The ladies are bickering back and forth and Ramona gets very upset; Carole says she has called her, and saw her several times. Dorinda thinks they are too different and shouldn’t even try to be friends, “let’s not pretend.

Bethenny decides to “let’s not pretend and cals out Dorinda for “selling John” to the ladies; Dorinda instantly turns accusingly to Ramona. She brings up what Dorinda said at the jewelry store about “in front of your face.” Bethenny tells Dorinda about John pitching business behind her back, and Jules jumps to Dorinda’s defense. Dorinda said she would talk to John and have him apologize if she’s offended. In her interview Carole backs up what Bethenny said, and the Bravo clips from last season definitely support what she’s saying. They are going back and forth for a while about how Dorinda gets to do what she wants to do, and Bethenny is not God. Ultimately, they both got their point across.

Ramona sees no time like the present to jump in on the John-bashing . She tells Dorinda about what John said regarding the Viagra and 6-hour sex session. Dorinda says it’s inappropriate that Ramona jumped on the band-wagon and didn’t talk to her about this privately. Dorinda raises her voice and assures the ladies she chooses who she wants to be with, and doesn’t care what they think.

Bethenny calls out Dorinda for partying until all hours of the night, and brings up the Hamptons night again. Dorinda says that is not how she remembers that night, but Bethenny digs that she doesn’t remember anything. Dorinda decided she doesn’t want to stay at Ramona’s house this weekend. She says she knew a lot about Mario that she didn’t bring up and this should have been handled differently. Dorinda is MAD.

Dorinda said Ramona broke her heart; she crossed the line and everything is different now. Dorinda is not mad at Bethenny and wants to stay at her house; that’s a bit confusing. Bethenny defends Ramona and says that Ramona is her friend who obviously only has her best interest at heart.

Next week John shows up at the lingerie party and goes head to head with Bethenny!

Thoughts on this week’s The Real Housewives of New York City; Let’s discuss.

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