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Leeanne Locken Talks Growing Up A Carny Kid And Her Confrontation With Brandi And Stephanie!

Image Source: Bravo
Image Source: Bravo

Leeanne Locken is the self-proclaimed “mouth of the south” and it looks like she will be one to watch this season! Leeanne doesn’t seem like she is one to stay away from drama – even at a young age as a “carny kid”.

Leeanne spoke with on her childhood, friendship with Tiffany and of course what went down with Stephanie and Brandi:

On her experience in the carnival:

Growing up a carny kid seemed normal to me. I truly didn’t know any better until I went to school and started getting called a circus freak. I would get so offended I developed the line, “We don’t entertain you (circus act)! We just take your money!” as a comeback. It was the first time I experienced what would be a lifelong journey of being misunderstood. My summers on the carnival taught me one of my best traits to this day — a strong work ethic! Getting things done on the charity circuit requires a strong work ethic and great connections!

Regarding her friendship with Tiffany:

I first met Tiffany on a modeling job for Neal Hamil in Houston, where we are both from. She disliked me so much she actually called our agent, Neal, from the job and asked to never be booked with me again. Then, on another job, she just seemed to take the time to see me through different eyes and realized I wasn’t who she had first thought I was. I was just a fun, slightly broken girl who needed a friend. I thank God every day for her! Every day! I wish I could say I helped convince her to move back, but the truth is her amazing husband is responsible for gifting her family and friends with her again! His heart is bigger than Texas! When she called to say she was moving home I quipped, “Don’t tease me!” She said, “That is what I said to Aaron when he asked me if I wanted to!” We are peas and carrots.

On her altercation with the dynamic duo of Stephanie and Brandi:

Honestly, their behavior didn’t upset me that much at the trunk show at all. I knew that they were younger and “just wanted to have fun.” That’s just not how I view charity most of the time. As far as them calling me loud, um, hello! Is thing on?? I AM LOUD! Stay tuned and you might find out why! Egotistical? Hilarious! They didn’t know me then, and only one of them has taken the time to try to know me now. #JourneyOfBeingMisunderstood #WaterOffADucksBack

Brandi doesn’t understand the obligations of an Honorary Chair. I was asked to share my story, which related to the fact that as a teenager I have already buried someone I considered to be my older brother from AIDS, and his younger brother is HIV Positive. My story was beyond relevant. If they had only listened with their hearts and not their heads! I raise a tremendous amount of funds in the LGBT Community in Dallas, and I won’t stop until shame is removed from every HIV+ person around! #MyHeartSong

What did you think of Leeanne? Do you think she comes off too strong or, in her words, is she just misunderstood?

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