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RHOD RECAP: Everything’s Bigger In Dallas

(Image Source: Bravo)
(Image Source: Bravo)

The highly anticipated premiere of The Real Housewives of Dallas is finally here and we start off with Brandi at home making breakfast for her family. She’s married to Mark who we learn travels a lot for business and aspires to be an established multimillionaire by 40, and she supports that dream. They have two young daughters who are absolutely adorable and Brandi seems to have it all!

Next we are shopping for spring charity season with LeeAnne and Tiffany who have been best friends for 25 years. These ladies are intense and very passionate about there charity work. They are very stylish and of course wouldn’t be caught dead in the same outfit twice. LeeAnne calls herself “the mouth of the south” and she uses this to connect her wealthy friends to charity. LeeAnne reveals she is a “carny kid,” meaning she grew up on the carnival. She is one tough cookie who has been robbed, mugged, and knocked on conscious. On a scary note LeeAnne says this prepared her for life in Dallas, woah!

Cary is at work with her husband at his plastic surgery center where she assists him as a nurse. Of course he is the most sought after plastic surgeon in all of Dallas because, well, it’s The Real Housewives! Cary reveals she tried to work for her husband for a long time and he kept turning her down, but she never gave up and weaseled her way in. Cary was married twice before and Mark’s family even attended her second wedding. The rumor around Dallas is that Mark and Cary had an affair, but she assures us that nothing happened between them until her marriage was over.

Brandi heads to her best friend Stephanie’s house on the golf course to take in some jesus juice aka wine, and laughs. Not only are the ladies BFF’s, but their husbands Mark and Travis are best friends as well. Stephanie reveals she needs to fix the garage door opener, as it’s at the top of her ”to do list,” which is how she “makes her money in the marriage.” She thinks this concept is ridiculous but she goes along with it to avoid a fight. Brandi reveals that her and Stephanie get silly when they are together and the Jesus juice is flowing. They like to pee in bushes, fart on command, and then dance in the farts; these two are quirky but silly and fun to watch. Brandi says that people sometimes don’t know how to percieve their crazy dynamic but they don’t care because they like to have a good time. Brandi thinks that the women in Dallas take charity way too seriously, and make it about more than just raising money.

We get to see more of Stephanie’s home on a hole at the Four Seasons golf course and it is AMAZING! Stephanie is not a Dallas native, and is originally from Oklahoma. When Stephanie met her husband Travis it was “drunk in love at first sight” and they ended up engaged after only 6 months. They have 2 young sons who are adorable, but poor Stephanie seems a bit overwhelmed by motherhood. I didn’t like the way Travis spoke to Stephanie and she admitted he has VERY high expectations of her. Travis is type-A personality, while Stephanie is quirky and goofy and sometimes they clash over what he wants in a wife.

Cary and her husband Mark are hosting a charity event at their home for the Doris Daniely Outreach, which is a foundation that helps women who can’t afford breast reconstruction surgery after cancer. Cary says that she is the husband and Mark is the wife because he loves to shop and cook, then cue to him getting the food together. Everything looked gorgeous for her event and I like them so far. The women are all mingling at the party and they cue to their interviews about each other.

In her interview LeeAnne says that Cary is a “little pony who married very well.” She also reveals that she gets invited to so many events because she devotes all of her time to chairing charity events. All she talks about is charity; charity is the etiquette of Potomac. She is totally disgusted by Brandi and Stephanie’s poop and fart talk and accuses them of only coming to charity events to escape their husband and kids.

Brandi says she loves Cary even though she is not nearly as silly and she and Stephanie are. Cary seems shy, and definitely intimidated by confrontation; it will be interesting to see how she handles herself in the fire this season!

Cary definitely does not like Leanne; she says that charity is LeeAnne’s job and her whole life. She threw some major shade that had me cracking up. “I don’t know how you get a job drinking and socializing but I should look into it.

We get to meet Tiffany’s husband Aaron who she’s been married to for 11 years. They met in LA where she was a model, actress, and TV host while he worked on his music. They moved back t Dallas to “bring her home” after she hit rock bottom on the bathroom floor. Tiffany lived ”. “The coke, cristal, and private planes; the glitz and glamour” life in LA, and Aaron saved her when everything fell apart. Tiffany takes Aaron to a music store where she buys him an official Texas guitar. He sings the first song he wrote for her and they both get emotional; they have a very cute relationship.

LeeAnne is at home with her boyfriend Rich who is a police officer. They have been together for 6 years and he promises her that one-day they will get married. LeeAnne has never been married before, but Rich has “a few times.” LeeAnne does not stop talking about status, money, and charities. She is very proud of herself and finds herself lucky to mingle with the millionaires. She reveals she does not have that kind of money, but people of that status know her because of her charity work. Rich does not want to accompany her to a charity event because Brandi and Stephanie will be there. Again, like Cary, LeeAnne says they just married their way into society, while she worked her way in.

Brandi and Stephanie are sitting at the counter drinking Jesus Juice again. Brandi admits that while her and Stephanie are very involved in raising money, they do enjoy being involved to have away time from the kids. Stephanie brings up Brandi’s LeeAnne impersonation and you have to admit that it is funny, and spot on! Brandi shares that she had to RE-introduce herself to LeeAnne multiple times, even though she knows LeeAnne remembered her.

We are at Marie’s gorgeous home for another charity dinner, and I’m guessing Marie is a”friend” of the housewives this season. Marie says that LEeAnne is VERY persuasive and when she wants you to do something, you do it.

Stephanie admits that she and Brandi are new to the charity scene and that there are some “ego-maniacs” in that world; clearly a dig at LeeAnne. Cary wants to see Brandi’s impersonations, but LeeAnne is close by and she is too uncomfortable. Tiffany seems on good terms with Brandi and I’m loving her in tonight’s premiere.

LeeAnne rallies to troops to listen to more information about the charity. In her interview Brandi of always being the loudest person in the room; an accusation she would actually take kindly to. Brandi does more LeeAnne impersonations, and they are spot on of what she actually was doing that night.

Tiffany and LeeAnne approach Brandi about the impersonations and she gets visibly uncomfortable. She refuses to do them for the ladies who are really eager to see. Brandi says she doesn’t want to engage and be the mean girl, and eventually Tiffany gives up. Cary tries to comfort Brandi and LeeAnne gets in both of their faces. She was not yelling, but was definitely egging on an argument. Neither one of them say much, and you can tell there was drama before the show started that was do not know about. Brandi tells us in her package that people in Dallas are afraid of LeeAnne because she bullies and intimidates people.

Brandi and LeeAnne have a sit down on the couch where LeeAnne tries to take the high road; I guess. She was very passive, telling Brandi that she accepts her, and appreciates her comedic relief. Brandi has a different approach and says that she’s worried about LeeAnne. She says that LeeAnne only talks about herself and it’s not okay. Brandi recalls an event they were at a week prior for HIV/aids. She says that many stories were shared about aids victims, and it was very touching. She then discloses that LeeAnne told her childhood story about growing up on the carnival and it was very inappropriate. She tells LeeAnne that people were talking about it, and that she feels very sorry for her. She also tells LeeAnne that she needs to get help.

Obviously, this doesn’t sit well with “the mouth of the South,” who says her story helps people and that the timing was perfect. LeeAnne really could care less what Brandi thinks, because all she does is come out to drink and talk about farts and poop. LeeAnne goes on to name everything she does and how involved she is. Brandi makes a really good point that instead of proving all of the food and drinks at the events, they could give that money to charity. LeeAnne says that “it takes money to raise money.” These two go back and forth over this issue again, and again, and again. In the preview for next week we see them go head to head again; I see LeeAnne and Brandi battling all season!

Overall I really liked The Real Housewives of Dallas and can’t wait for next week!

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