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RHOP Reunion Recap – Part 1!

Image Source: Bravo
Image Source: Bravo

Welcome to the first ever RHOP reunion! It’s been an interesting first season to say the least, so let’s reminisce on the first season and dish the dirt!

We start out with the normal housewives intros; however I have to say ‘holy glitter dresses’!! The ladies look more like the ladies of Las Vegas than Potomac. We hit the ground running with Katie announcing that she returned her engagement ring the day before the reunion and her and Andrew are no longer together (no one seems too surprised on this.)

Andy then states what all of us are thinking: the constant mention etiquette is annoying! The ladies admit they were kinda annoyed with it as well (to which a follow up question should have been asked why it was mentioned so much?) We then get a close up of Karen, and Charrisse announces that Karen called herself the ‘wife of the black Bill Gates’ well before the cameras were around. Charrisse admits the firs time she met Karen she didn’t want to see her again because she was so obnoxious. Charrisse also throws shade saying that the other ladies like to say they are involved with charities; however they aren’t opening their wallets like they want viewers to think they are (cough, cough Katie!)

Karen is put into the hot seat again as viewers called out her outdated kitchen although she claims to be married to the black bill gates. Karen then points out something that viewers missed! Katie’s ex-fiancee Andrew is missing a finger, which Katie discloses he lost in a car accident.

It’s Ashley’s turn to be in the spotlight and she gets some heat from the age gap with her husband, her mothers financial issues and the age difference with the other ladies. I kinda felt for Ashley this season as it seems that the other ladies targeted her specifically because she was so much younger. Gizelle is also called out as she is always preaching about being a proud black woman, but refers to Ashley’s hair as a “big bush.”

Ashley also admit she thinks some of the ladies are jealous of her due to her being the youngest. Both Gizelle and Karen deny it but I think Gizelle may have a hint of jealousy. Gizelle calling Ashley a “THOT” is brought up and Gizelle says she only says she is “THOT-ish” to which Ashley says Robyn even admitted that Gizelle may be a bit jealous of her. The discussion of the beach house came up and Ashley stood her ground refusing to apologize and states the ladies were all divas. Andy even admitted no air condition may have sent him over the edge in 90 degree weather.

Gizelle attending Charrisse’s house comes up and Charrisse referring to Gizelle being “ghetto” and being from Baltimore is brought up. Charrisse states it’s just an expression and Robyn (who is also from Baltimore) states she didn’t find it offensive.

The most ridiculous fight of the season is brought up and how a grown woman like Karen needed assigned seating for her birthday. Karen stands her ground that the birthday girl should always get the center seat and still feels she deserves an apology.

Robyn’s montage comes up next and we get to see the love between her and Juan (and I have to say they seem to have a better relationship than most of the married ladies do.) Robyn admits she loves him and is open to possibly re-marrying him someday; however at this time she is not “in love” with him. She also gives insight into being a NBA wife – saying she turned a blind eye when they were younger and he was in the NBA. However, a woman eventually came forward and went public with it which was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Robyn also admits they are still struggling financially. She also gives more detail on their best friend that stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from them, and discloses that he ended up committed suicide which let to Juan and Robyn re-connecting as it profoundly affected them both.

The hot topic of race is then brought into the picture when we get to re-watch all the racial tension that happened over this season. Gizelle admits she generalizes the black community too much when a viewer asked her to stop including the entire African American community when she talks about what black people “do and do not do.” Although she admits she generalized too much she doesn’t regret doing it.

Katie, Robyn and Gizelle’s great race debate is brought up and Katie states she is sick and tired having to pick being “black or white” and just wants people to accept her for who she is. Gizelle claimed Katie said something demeaning to being black; however it’s never brought up as to what was said. Robyn then jumps in to defend herself from asking which box her kids will check, to which Katie shuts her down poking at her not being biracial (which is a super hot topic for Robyn.)

Next week the racial tensions continue to fly along with some details on what broke up Andrew and Katie!

Thoughts on tonight’s reunion episode? Let’s discuss!

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