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AATRH EXCLUSIVE: Drama Shift; What Went Down Between Jacqueline Laurita & Dolores Catania That Changed The RHONJ Season 7 Finale?

Jacqueline Laurita
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The drama that occurred last week for the end of The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 7 was intense and confusing for everyone, so of course AATRH had to get to the bottom of it. We spoke with our sources, and can exclusively tell you what went down last week.

There was a major shift in the focus of the show, and suddenly the finale drama no longer surrounded the fight between Jacqueline Laurita and Melissa Gorga. The sit down lunch (which took place on Friday) for the finale actually focused on the drama between Jacqueline, and newbie Dolores Catania.

This is a major shock to all, as Jacqueline and Dolores seemed like BFF’s all season. They were friends before the cameras started rolling and stuck by each other’s sides throughout season 7. AATRH found out exclusively what went down that shattered this friendship; as our source said, things got very dark.”

Last week we reported that Jacqueline Laurita threw some major shade to Melissa Gorga on social media the morning after her fashion show. We recently found out that is not correct. The post in question was actually directed at Dolores; why you ask?

Jacqueline Laurita Facebook Post
Image via Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/jacquelinelaurita

Last Tuesday night Dolores hosted a filmed event at her gym, focusing on women’s health and wellness. Dolores even got some of her co-stars involved; Teresa taught a yoga class, while Siggy Flicker gave a seminar on love and relationships. Jacqueline did not attend her friend’s event, as she was “sick.

Following the successful event at Dolores’ gym, Teresa tweeted a photo of her, Siggy, Robyn Levy, and Dolores from that night. As PR for her gym (I’m sure), Dolores re-posted the picture and that’s when all hell broke loose. Jacqueline is on terrible terms with Teresa, Melissa, and Robyn, so this photo sent her over the edge. Since the fight with Jacqueline Dolores took down the picture, however some of us still saw! Allegedly, Jacqueline was arguing with Dolores the night of the fashion show, and her post the next morning was in fact about Dolores, not Melissa as we previously said.

Teresa Giudice Tweet
Image via @Teresa_Giudice

As we revealed on Monday, Jacqueline and Dolores’ argument led to Dolores and Kathy having a conversation at Melissa’s Envy Fashion show that we hear got a bit heated. They were smart and didn’t do this conversation publicly, being careful not to let the cat out of the bag for season 7’s twist; sorry ladies, we still got it!

We hear that last Thursday night (following the fashion show), behind the scenes is when things got really bad for Jacqueline and Dolores; seriously, behind the scenes? This means we won’t get to see the most heated part of their argument, but our insider stressed that things got really, really ugly between the two. This led to the focus of the whole season changing, and the Melissa VS Jacqueline drama was no longer the focal point of the season. At Friday’s finale lunch, the women discussed this season’s issues, but producers put a lot of focus on Jacqueline and Dolores’ beef.

It’s safe to assume that Dolores and Jacqueline didn’t come to an agreement at the finale, because Dolores posed with Jacqueline’s enemies to let fans know, “that’s a wrap.” Melissa Gorga posted the picture below to social media announcing to fans that season 7 filming was officially over; she is with Teresa, Dolores, and some of the RHONJ production crew. AATRH can confirm that the producer we caught threatening to quit the show at Melissa’s Envy fashion show is not pictured, interesting.

That's A Wrap Season 7
via Melissa Gorgo Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/OfficialMelissaGorga/

This only fuels the rumors that producers were sick of Jacqueline’s antics and done with her. Jacqueline did not post any pictures following the finale filming, but she was the first to announce it was over. Jac’s decision to not post a picture leads fans to believe she finished the season alone; it’s possible that Kathy was with her. On the contrary it would make sense that Kathy was not at the finale taping because she had little involvement in the drama, although she tried to. Teresa added a picture confirming that Siggy did attend the lunch, and it’s very strange that she would end the season with Jacqueline’s enemies; however as far as we know Jac and Siggy are good. If producers really are sick of Jacqueline it makes sense that they wouldn’t want to celebrate this milestone with her. I believe after her out of control social media behavior, and missed RHONJ events, production has had enough; this poses the question, will Jacqueline be back for season 8?

Teresa Giudice Instagram
via @teresagiudice Instagram

After AATRH got our inside scoop we did some more research on Dolores and what do you know, she and Jacqueline are friends again. This is typical of Jacqueline, but as a newbie not a good look for Dolores. Fans watch the show for the story, to finish the story a day later, after filming wrapped, is bogus. Over the weekend Jacqueline’s daughter Ashley Holmes had a gender reveal party, and Dolores attended. She and Jacqueline had a major love fest on social mediabefore the party; not only that, Jac’s husband Chris followed Dolores on Instagram as well.

Dolores Catania
via @DoloresCatania
Jacqueline Laurita Facebook Post
Image via https://www.facebook.com/jacquelinelaurita


It’s safe to say that producers will have a very hard time deciding what to use for season 7 in regards to Dolores and Jacqueline. If these ladies did most of their fighting, and making up behind the scenes how are fans supposed to enjoy the season? Jacqueline and Dolores signed up for a reality show and it’s unfair to viewers everywhere for them to handle their business behind the scenes when filming is in process; not cool ladies, not cool!

AATRH always strives to give you the most accurate, and up to date Housewives news. We apologize for the previous false information regarding Jacqueline’s Facebook status being about Melissa, but you can guarantee a MAJOR fight goes down between Dolores and Jacqueline, and we told you first!

What do you think about Jacqueline’s fight with Dolores? Can you believe they had their fight/make up off camera? Are you surprised Jac’s status wasn’t for Melissa? Do you think Jacqueline will be back for season 8, or do you think producers are done with her? Thoughts on all of the filming spoilers for RHONJ season 7?

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