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RHOC’s Newest Housewife Has a Racist Rant! Heather Dubrow Speaks Out!


Note to newbie OC Housewife Kelly Meza-Dodd – there IS such thing as bad press!

Kelly Meza-Dodd hasn’t even made her Bravo debut yet and already she has been in the gossip columns – and not exactly what she is probably hoping for! It seems that Kelly is already getting the title of ‘most hated housewife ever’ even though viewers haven’t seen her on the show yet. Why is she so hated already? Apparently Kelly went off on an extremely racist rant that left the other housewives (who are normally pretty out there themselves) absolutely shocked!

Apparently when fan favorite Heather Dubrow saw the rant on camera she was shocked and wants to distance herself from Kelly.

TMZ approached Heather at LAX to show her the video which Heather made clear she wasn’t going to try and defend Kelly. Per Heather:

“I think it’s safe to say that racism of any kind is not OK. I’m a mother of four children and I’m a human being – there’s no place. Anyone who has racism of any kind has no place in my life or anyone I know’s life. Anyone who is a racist would not be welcome in our life.”

The clip obtained by TMZ has Kelly saying that she doesn’t “like black guys.” Kelly then goes on to say that she doesn’t “even know any black guys” before sticking her tongue (which is blue – probably from too many shots!) Kelly is clearly wasted and even says she has her MBA (which I was shocked she was well educated) until she clarified MBA stood for “married but available” wow…nice! If you want to see the train wreck of a clip, click here to view it on TMZ.

Bravo hasn’t commented on this, and hasn’t even commented on casting for that matter (maybe they are trying to do some damage control and make this disappear!)

Kelly is the wife of Michael Dodd, the current COO of Kiss Me Mirrors and former president of Leap Frog Enterprises. I’m sure her husband is so proud of his wife after seeing this video.

I was hoping after last year’s cancer fiasco the OC would raise the bar but once again it seems their new cast member will bring the to a new low!

Rumors have been swirling that after this disaster Bravo may just try to pretend she never existed and ax her from the show; however only time will tell! This is the same network that also let Brooks Ayers take over a whole season!

This woman seems like a disaster all around. First, no matter how many drinks she had – no excuse for her comments! Second – who says they are “married but available” – her poor husband must be livid (especially since he seems like a businessman with a reputation to uphold!)

Thoughts on the video? Do you think Bravo should get her out before she makes her debut??

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