RHOP Recap: Rules Of Engagement!



Tonight’s season one finale of Real Housewives of Potomac starts off with the morning after Charisse’s 50th birthday party and the birthday girl is slightly hungover as she recaps the party while on the phone with her friend.

Giselle and Robyn head to the stables so their children can ride horses and let’s just say the kids are less than excited about the treat. Robyn dishes that it’s important for her children and Giselle kids to be around other black and bi-racial children since they live in a prominently white area. It’s clear that neither ladies like being called bi-racial even though they clearly are. Giselle decides she’s planning a come to Jesus lunch for the girls to put it all out on the table.


In Queen Karen’s world, she prepares for her daughter to head off to college and for life with no kids. It seems that her daughter is more than ready to be away from the nest, but Karen isn’t so excited about her daughter going away. In a moment of awkwardness, Karen asks her daughter to promise she won’t kiss any boys her first year at college. Yeah okay….


Katie and her boy-toy Andrew are heading to her farmhouse, and the couple discusses how boring Giselle and Robyn are; alluding that both ladies are stick in the muds and need to learn to loosen up.


Meanwhile, Giselle calls Katie to invite her to lunch to discuss the issues of the group and have a come to Jesus moment. Katie being a Jew isn’t too happy about having a meal that involves Jesus.

Andrew then drops a bomb on Katie that he’s heading to Scotland, and she’s pissed off that she’s not invited. It turns out Katie’s not so sure Andrew’s the one since he’s so lackadaisical about proposing.

In the world of Ashley, she’s lounging on her rooftop deck while Michael comes home full of surprises. Ashley drops the bomb that she’s ready to start working on having a baby which Michael doesn’t seem too thrilled about the idea. The two make a deal that if their new restaurant breaks even, Micheal won’t pull out, no pun intended.


When Katie and Andrew arrive at the farmhouse and immediately head to the vortex which is the spiritual center of the farm. Andrew then gets down on both knows and FINALLY asks Katie to marry him. Katie, who despite talking about getting engaged all season, doesn’t seem that excited about the proposal.


Back at Gizelle’s her and her daughter prepare for the arrival of Gizelle’s father who is coming for a visit. Giselle’s dad starts telling fantastic stories about working with Martin Luther King Jr.

The day of Gizelle’s come to Jesus lunch arrives and she hopes everyone can get to a better point. Karen comes and isn’t happy to see Ashley; calling her a lost puppy dog. Charrisse arrives with her post-50 glow. Ashley is curious to see how things will go with Karen since the last few times they’ve hung out have been awkward. Robyn reveals that she doesn’t think Katie is coming who is extremely late to lunch.


Gizelle opens up that the group tends not to listen to each other and brings a sign to decide when each lady can speak. Karen speaks first saying that she has an issue with Ashley trying to pretend her daughter Raven who is more than ten years younger than her. Karen tells Ashley that she should let Michael ejaculate in her instead of pulling out so she can get her child. And that until Ashley becomes a real woman she should NEVER talk to her children or put their names in her mouth EVER again.


Ashley then digs into Karen and her beliefs that Ashley and Michael are some freaks. Ashley calls Karen judgmental and ignorant. Katie then arrives at lunch…better late than never.

Katie then announces her engagement and ladies all fawn all over her ring. She then shares the details about her engagement.


Robyn tries to burst Katie’s bubble of love when she feels the need to give Katie a black history lesson. Robyn says that straight black men would never act the way Michael and Andrew behaved on the dance floor, which floors Katie and Ashley.


Gizelle then throws in her two cents calling the whole thing disrespectful then brings up the fact that Katie called Gizelle and Robyn bi-racial, which both ladies deny.


Katie says that Robyn and Giselle need to look into their history and says she isn’t insecure about her Caucasian or African American ancestry. Things then get ugly when Katie causes Gizelle stupid while Gizelle says Katie makes it seem like there is something wrong with being black.


Karen and Charrisse say that all the ladies discuss race way too much and that they all need to show respect to each other.


The ladies apologize to each other, but it’s clear that nothing was resolved. Then the wives cheers and wrap up season one of RHOP!


Thoughts on tonight’s episode of RHOP? Did you like season one of RHOP?

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