RHOA Recap – Reunion Part 3!



Welcome back to the Atlanta reunion!

We start off this week with Nene making her appearance in quite the body suit – Andy put it best when he said it reminded him of Cher!

Nene discloses that she wanted to come back to the show because RHOA is her “baby” and she didn’t want to give her “baby” to the other girls. Kandi then leaves the couch to pump as she is still breast feeding despite the other ladies saying she should just do it on the couch! With Kandi gone, we then get a flash back to the feud between Sheree and Nene and Andy pointed out how shocked he was that in Jamaica the two hit it off right away.

Sheree says it’s all water under the bridge as their arguments were all “surface” stuff which Nene agrees on. Staying on the topic of Nene – we see a glimpse of the friendship between Cynthia and Nene with a little Kenya on the side. Kenya stood up for Cynthia saying that Cynthia was a loyal friend and had a “mis-step” in Jamaica. Porsha argues that Cynthia still “flip-flops” and said she denied her friendship with Kenya. Kenya admits she was a bit hurt with Cynthia, to which Cynthia says that although they are not BFF’s she does love Kenya.

We then turn to Kim Fields and how many felt she wasn’t a “fit” for the show. Nene calls Kim out saying it’s obvious that Kim doesn’t want to be friends with the other ladies (I have to agree with Nene here!) Nene also spells it out saying that Kim isn’t a fit for the RHOA cast.

We also get some Kenya gossip when she reveals it was very likely that boyfriend Matt would move into Moore Manor when moves in as well (pregnancy rumors anybody??) But enough of Kenya – Andy treats us to a montage of the friendship between Porsha and Phaedra. Kim chimes in because we almost forgot she was there, and reiterates that there was too much cleavage this season and we need to bring back class! Andy also brings up how much Porsha has changed (from proper suburb housewife to Bravo housewife!) Nene even states she couldn’t get Porsha to go out back in the day but now we see Porsha twerking for the world to see. Porsha says it’s only a difference between married Porsha vs. single Porsha – fair enough!

The men of RHOA then join the ladies and newbie Matt brought all the ladies flowers (which I thought was kinda a sweet gesture!) Matt and Kenya then fuel those pregnancy rumors by declaring their love for each other and admit they are “in love”. Speaking of love – Sheree and Bob are brought up to which Sheree doesn’t rule out a reconciliation as Bob is showing her the man he was when they first got together. I found Bob hilarious during the “mercial” episode and wouldn’t mind seeing these two back together if he really has changed!

On to a more tense topic, Kim’s husband Chris is brought up and the debate over his sexuality. Chris is a gentleman and says he’s heard it before due to his profession and he’s secure enough not to let it bother him. We also hear why the rumor was brought up (which was not shown on camera.) Apparently earlier on the bus, Chris spoke with some “sass” to which he claimed that he as just mocking the ladies. The ladies however took it to be his true personality which lead to the sexuality gossip.

Chris wants to know who told Kenya his name was “Chrissy” to which Matt jumps in to defend his woman. Porsha then doesn’t want to take any blame in the gossip which is embarrassing for her because she was caught on camera bashing “Chrissy” as well. Andy is then the voice of reason saying the ladies talk about being gay like it’s a joke or in a derogatory manner and it’s not a pretty look for the them. Preach Andy!!!

All the ladies have since apologized with the exception of Kenya to which Kenya states she shouldn’t’ have to because they called her a liar. Chris flat out calls out Kenya a “horrible” person and Kenya gives him a back handed apology. I have to say Kim’s husband is a gentleman and I don’t think many men would handle the situation with in the same manner that Chris did.

Moving to legal issues (because which Housewife franchise doesn’t have legal issues??) the topic of Phaedra and the feds comes up. Cynthia discloses that the secret service were tipped off not by Phaedra but by what was said on WWHL! Andy seems shocked that his little show could do so much damage; however Kandi is adamant that it was Phaedra who tipped them off (I’m thinking maybe a Bravo producer looking for a storyline??)

Phaedra states she would never do that to Kandi – especially when she was expecting a baby (I have to agree that I’m thinking it wasn’t Phaedra. When it’s said on camera it’s fair game and anyone could connect the dots.)

The husbands then exit stage left which leads into some talk of drama between Porsha and Jami (an employee/friend of hers) that wasn’t previously aired. Apparently Jami was in Porsha’s face at the Christmas party which led to Porsha chasing her down an alley screaming like a man woman and resulting in violence. Andy pointed out that this was her third violent outburst (on camera) and all ladies agree she needs some anger management. I have to admit that the footage aired definitely shows Porsha in a very unflattering light (an that’s putting it nicely!) Porsha takes partial responsibility but also still points the finger. She reveals that she is currently in anger management but sounds like she has a long way to go (to which Andy agrees – I’m sure he doesn’t want more Bravo legal issues involving the housewives!)

We then get the classic roundtable to end on a positive note and wrap it up. Sheree is happy to be back and Kim has learned to make herself a priority. Kenya is happy to be in love and has a home and her father – she is in a good place! Cynthia’s life is a little bumpy (aka Peter) but is focusing on her business. Porsha is continuing her anger management and is moving forward. Kandi is looking great after having a baby but doesn’t give hope to rekindling a friendship with Phaedra. Phaedra gives a pep talk and feels fortunate to be part of the franchise and says each “housewife” has a responsibility as they are in the spotlight.

What were your thoughts on the RHOA reunion? Let’s discuss!

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