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Is Katie Rost’s Foundation A Fraud?? Reports Reveal How Much Money Goes To Charity!


Katie Rost has put out that she has dedicated her life to her charity; however reports are revealing that she is more of a ‘ball and gala’ girl than an actual philanthropist!

The Washington Post has done some digging into The Rost Foundation and how much actually goes to charity. The results may surprise you!

Her foundation claims that they are dedicated to giving underprivileged kids recreational opportunities; however looking at the books they haven’t made as much of an impact as Katie would want you to think.

Katie’s foundation states “All children should have the opportunity to have these wondrous experiences, and more, open to them.” While that may be their claim; the main source of money is coming from Katie’s mother, Rynthia Rost, whose contributions, totaling about $32,000 over the past five years, are the only donations to show up on federal tax forms.

Even more shocking? During that timeframe, The Rost Foundation gave out less than $3,000! Donations were mainly checks in amounts less than $1,000. For example, $200 to the DC College Access Program and $450 to the Boys and Girls Club of America. With small amounts like that I don’t see why Katie needs huge fundraising gala where the cost is far greater than the amount brought in! Maybe she should do something at her home like Karen did??

Charity Watch – which monitors charities for fraud released a statement saying:

“Other than offering publicity value, it’s really wasting money,” says Daniel Borochoff, the president of the watchdog group Charity Watch, after reviewing the organization’s history of tax filings.

Katie released a statement not exactly denying that her charity’s giving power is a little sluggish. Per Katie:

“We’ve been sort of in a holding pattern, but now that the kids are older, I can focus outside of being a mom.”

I think it’s safe to say that Katie the philanthropist is a storyline for the cameras and she isn’t really “bringing it” behind the scenes where it counts!

Thoughts on Katie’s charity? Are you surprised at the amount that is actually donated??

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