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AllAboutTRH Exclusive: Jacqueline Laurita Was A No Show At Melissa Gorga’s Fashion Show But She Was A HUGE Topic Of Conversation! (Exclusive Photos!)


Jacqueline Laurita lived up to the rumors and was a huge no-show at Melissa Gorga’s Envy fashion show, which also happened to be the finale for season seven of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. AllAboutTRH had two spies in attendance, and while Jac didn’t show, she was on every Housewives’ mind and lips the entire evening.

Melissa’s fashion show was a huge success, and many came out to support her including RHONJ stars Teresa Giudice, Robyn Levy, Kathy Wakile, Dolores Catania, and Siggy Flicker. Also, in attendance was Joe Gorga and Rich Wakile. Cameras were present everywhere to capture any drama that took place!

SPOILER ALERT: AllAboutTRH can EXCLUSIVELY confirm what exactly went down at the event. The hot topic of the night was obviously the missing-in-action Jac Laurita! Joe, Rich, Kathy, Robyn and her wife Christina spent a large chunk of time discussing the bad blood between Jac and Robyn as well as the ongoing issues Jac has with Melissa and Teresa. In fact, things got pretty heated between Robyn, Rich, Kathy, and Joe. The Wakile’s were clearly Team Jac and spent much of the evening defending her while Joe was in support of his wife, sister, and good friend Robyn.

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Kathy was overheard saying she doesn’t want Jac to be alone again and revealed that Jac feels totally betrayed. Joe shot Kathy down telling her she wasn’t there to witness what went down between Jac and the ladies. Kathy made it clear that she wants Melissa to re-think her issues with Jac since they’ve been friends a long time; letting it be known that she’s a ride or die friend to Jac.


Rich then accused Joe of taking Robyn and Christina’s side, which Joe didn’t deny. Melissa popped in as did Siggy who told Mel she needs to talk to Jac in person. At this point Kathy was still lingering around and producers attempted to get her and Melissa to interact but it was clear neither were on board with that idea; only fueling rumors that they are NOT in a good place. Once Teresa arrived to the conversation producers swooped in and wanted Teresa to have a conversation about Jac with Siggy. The two went into the next room, and our spies covertly followed.

IMG_8894 IMG_8889 IMG_8895

Siggy was upset and didn’t like the way Jac was being treated by the ladies then defended Kathy’s support of Jacqueline saying she’s coming from a good place. Siggy also urged Melissa to talk with Jac even asking if Mel would talk to Jac if she showed up insinuating that perhaps Jac might make a better late than never appearance at the fashion show.

While there was no hair pulling, screaming, or chasing at the Envy fashion show, there was plenty of drama that took place. As the season seven premiere grows closer the complicated issues and messy relationships between the NJ Housewives will only intensify hopefully leading to a fantastic season full of drama.

AllAboutTRH also overhead producers say they would be filming the day after the fashion show. We are very certain that there is more drama to come from the Jersey Housewives and that producers and Bravo want to make sure season seven goes out with a bang!

Can you believe that Jac didn’t show up to the fashion show? Does it surprise you that Kathy and Rich are on Team Jac? Do you think Jac can repair her relationships with Tre and Melissa?

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