RHOBH Recap: Dubai Daze!



The Housewives may be in the desert but the drama on tonight’s episode of RHOBH surely isn’t a mirage. We pickup with ladies continuing their over-the-top and fabulous vacation in Dubai where they are staying in a hotel that’s fit for a King.

Kyle and Lisa V start off their day by going for a swim with the after Kyle comically struggles to get her wetsuit on. Lisa V is in all her glory getting plenty of seal love and kisses…hopefully, Giggy doesn’t get jealous.

Meanwhile, Lisa R and Kathryn head to the spa while Eileen and Erika visit the aquarium. Erika and Eileen discuss why Lisa R is so enraged over the photos of Yolanda, Brandi and Kim hanging out. Erika questions if Lisa R thinks Yolanda is a liar and doesn’t like her.

After their morning of leisure, Eileen pops by Lisa R’s room, and the two are matchy-matchy once again with their almost identical dresses. Eileen reveals that she talked with Erika and that Erika doesn’t get why Lisa R is enraged and give Lisa the heads up that Erika might say something to her. Not so surprisingly Eileen brings up her and Lisa R’s infamous beach conversation about Vanderpump’s manipulation of the Munchausen rumors. Eileen encourages Lisa R, to be honest, and really speak her mind instead of only revealing half-truths. Rinna gets frustrated because she claims she only shared those secrets with Eileen because she trusts her and doesn’t think she needs to share everything with the ladies.

Finally, the women escape their gorgeous hotel and head to the deserts of Dubai. It’s like a scene out of Sex and the City 2 as the ladies are traipsing through the desert all dolled up. After an adventurous drive in the desert, they find their way to a falcon show that leaves some of the ladies less than thrilled. Lisa V proves she’s a tour animal lover after she even falls in love with Gizmo, the Falcon. Finally, the ladies do a desert photo shoot with the Falcon before heading off to their Arabian Nights dinner including a camel, a henna artist, belly dancers and much more.

Not surprisingly the ladies aren’t too happy that it’s a dry night in Dubai meaning no alcohol for them. It might be better if the Housewives remain sober….but then again these ladies don’t need alcohol to cause drama. After the belly dancing, the topic of conversation turns dramatic when once again the topic of Munchausen and Yolanda come up again. Instead of tackling her issues with the ladies regarding their parts in the Yolanda Munchausen rumor she deflects and starts questioning Erika about her feelings toward the group and her.

Erika reveals that she does in fact like Rinna more now than she did initially. Rinna admits that she judged Erika before she met her after viewing her music video which shocks Erika. Erika doesn’t get why Lisa R judged her after she’s posed twice for Playboy and frankly states that she won’t be opening up to Lisa R anytime soon. Rinna says that she feels she can’t say her real feelings about Yolanda because of her illness, which then upsets Erika more because just wants Lisa R to get along with Yolanda. Things then turn to Lisa V’s part in the Munchausen rumors comes up as the Lisa’s have a private conversation. Vanderpump admits that she new Rinna would bring it up and claims she told Rinna to leave the topic alone, and Rinna continues to claim the total opposite.

The next day, the wives head out for another adventure to the market in Dubai. Erika jokes that the ladies will be very surprised that the market is less than glamorous. The ladies do their fare share of bargain shopping and do a lot of bartering. It turns out Kathryn’s birthday is the next day, and Erika gets her a silly little gift.

After exhausting themselves shopping Kyle, Kathryn, and Lisa R head to lunch at Nobu and discuss the trip so far. Rinna spills that she had a moment with Vandeprump and their conversation about why Rinna didn’t throw Kyle into the conversation. Kyle reveals that she knew about it and knows that Vanderpump was trying to throw her under the bus along with Rinna. Kyle makes it clear that she told Lisa V she would drag her down with her if she went through will her plan. Kyle says that she’s not mad at Lisa V because she knows she cares about her but has come to understand that Lisa V isn’t as strong as everyone thinks. Rinna is pissed at this revelation especially since she was left out to dry and doesn’t get why everyone constantly lets Vanderpump get away with her manipulation.

Rinna comes to visit Eileen in her room, and she spills everything. Lisa R tells her all about her convo with Vanderpump last night and her convo with Kyle earlier that day. Eileen is pissed and feels like she is constantly the scapegoat and make matters worse she’s shocked to hear that Kyle knew Vanderpump was trying to play the ladies against each other and throw Kyle and Rinna under the bus. Rinna is going to spill the whole truth to all the ladies at dinner because she is done being the scapegoat for Vanderpump who hates Yolanda and wants to bring her down.

To top off an exciting day, the Housewives go to an outdoor dinner where the are all decked to the nines. Rinna reveals to Erika and Kathryn that she caught Vanderpump in a lie and is shocked about it. Lisa V, on the other hand, reveals to Kyle that she thinks Lisa R is trying to cause trouble and is spreading lies. Things get awkward as Lisa R prepares to open the biggest can of worms.

Rinna says she needs to get something off her chest and tell Vandeprump that she re-wrote history during their conversation last night. Vanderpump denies coming after Rinna and asking her to bring Kyle into spreading the Munchausen rumors and also denies telling Kyle she thought that Lisa R would drag her into the rumor. Kyle chimes in agreeing that she didn’t get it either which makes Vanderpump upset as she continues to deny any manipulation. When Rinna says that she’s not the only one going down for the Munchausen comment, Kyle denies playing any part in that but does admit talking about Yolanda’s Instagram photos. Eileen is infuriated at this saying none of it makes sense and get super upset at Kyle for letting her best friend do this to her. Kyle says she knows Lisa V loves her and that if she did make this mistake, she forgives her; saying everyone has flaws. Kyle breaks down saying she doesn’t care and has bigger issues in her life and doesn’t want to lose Lisa V in her life. Vanderpump says that she never meant any harm and when Eileen starts to go at her, she strikes back saying she always has something to criticize her for. Eileen then brings up the Hamptons argument yet again and gets mad that Lisa V won’t actually apologize or see the error of her ways. Rinna says she lost respect in Lisa V, and the feeling is mutual. Kyle makes Lisa V stay and not run away from this situation as Lisa R calls Lisa V a liar one last time.

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