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RHOP Recap: Fifty Sense


This week on The Real Housewives of Potomac we start off at lunch with Gizelle and Robyn, unlike some other cities, these Potomac women make it no secret that they love to eat and are always ordering delicious food!

You can tell that Robyn and Gizelle are real, genuine friends and I love the vibe between them; there the kind of ladies I’d like to lunch with! They did not stop laughing the whole time, however Robyn really opened up, and Gizelle learned a lot about her friend. Robyn confesses to Gizelle that she’s afraid to open back up to Juan and Gizelle seemed surprised to hear this. Robyn also admits that she is open to being with Juan in the future, but not getting re-married; Gizelle was having none of this. Gizelle is floored when Robyn admits that the kids don’t even know they are divorced! It takes good friends to laugh through a conversation like this one!

Katie is chatting with her friend/neighbor T. Katie admits that while Andrew loves having her and the kids around, he would like a little bit more privacy. She also says (for the 800th time this season) that Andrew is getting closer to proposing. In true housewives fashion Katie gossips about Karen’s O Gala, bashing everything about the event, literally not one good thing to say.

Next at home with the Huger’s, Karen and her husband are in the garage going through Raven’s old rollerblades and other childhood memorabilia. They are reflecting on memories of Raven and reveal they are throwing a cookout in honor of her going to college. They are hinting at filling their time with more sex now that they will be empty nesters, and Karen wants us to “just think about that,” (no thank you). Karen says she thinks the “O Gala Cocktail Party was a success.

Back at home Katie is still talking with T about Karen’s event. She rattles off some stats about how many galas she’s been too, to back how unimpressed she was. T thinks that Karen needs Katie’s help, a suggestion that Katie greatly appreciated.

Ray asks Karen about what happened towards the end of the night when she was fighting with Ashley. He obviously knows the story, so she just says she had a Jesus moment. She goes on that Ashley is lucky that her alter ego Chaka didn’t come out. Karen infers this is her tough girl alter ego, who in her words isn’t afraid to “slap a bitch.”

Katie is still gossiping to T and calls Gizelle the “most annoying person she’s ever met.

Ashley is at lunch with her mom, and they really are mother-daughter best friends. It’s a bit awkward that they are discussing her mom’s bankruptcy, again. Ashley shares that her and Michael are looking into getting her mom a new home. Ashley’s mom says she doesn’t want to be a burden, but Ashley won’t take no for an answer. She reveals she is hurt that Karen thinks she wouldn’t be a good role model, because she is a young successful black woman with strong values.

Charrisse asks for Katie’s assistance on a photo-shoot she is doing for photos for her 50th birthday party; she is throwing this party in honor of “The New Charrisse.” She shares with Katie some of the details of her over the top event and she is pulling out all the stops. Eddie won’t be attending the party but Charrisse has a good attitude about it, she is a strong woman. Katie is all too happy to share modeling tips, and Charrisse is owning the shoot; her pictures came out gorgeous!

Karen is having a major melt down before Rayvin’s good-bye party. She is nagging Ray because he forgot the balloons, and he reminds me of Gregg Leakes; so chill. He hired a bartender behind Karen’s back who shows up while he is out; this sends her into a TOTAL tailspin and she has to go be alone in her room. Karen is clearly not handling her daughter leaving for college well.

The Huger’s are going all out for this party, and Karen is super emotional. She ends up breaking down before she even eats her dinner (which looked amazing). The famous Aunt Dot exposes that Karen was a major mess when her son Brandon (from her first marriage) left for school. I felt sorry for Karen because she was vulnerable and said she was going to miss being a 24/7 parent. Rayvin is beautiful and I’m sure thriving at whatever school she chose.

Gizelle is at home with her 3 girls and decides to talk to them about her dating. They want her to join but she refuses. She reveals she gets asked out all of the time and the girls tell her to say yes!

Charrisse comes over and Gizelle shares that her girls are going to spend some time with their dad and she is going to focus on her and go on “a date, or 2, or 3.” The talk shifts to Charrisse’s party where she tells Gizelle Eddie will not be there. Gizelle says this is going to be some MAJOR gossip in the Potomac community. Gizelle asks the question we all are wondering; is Eddie going to pay for the party? Charrisse says yes he will pay for a party, and then drops the bomb that it is going to cost $80,000! She throws some shade to Eddie that although he won’t be there, he’s still footing the bill; good point Charrisse!

Robyn and Juan are on a lunch date without the kids; a rarity for them now! Juan shares he is not moving out of state for now, that he didn’t get the out of state job. Robyn is relieved; although she feels bad he didn’t get this position. They are very flirtatious and I want them to get back together!

It’s the night of Charrisse’s party and everything is beautiful. Charrisse looked gorgeous and the party itself came together perfect. Everyone seems to be having a blast, especially Charrisse, even though the elephant in the room is that Eddie is not there. Katie pointed out numerous times that Karen should take notes on how to throw an event, she’s still going on with this and it’s old now.

Karen totally ices out Ashley and she is confused as to why this is such a big deal. Ashley tells the girls that she misunderstood Karen, and Gizelle thinks Ashley is a “dumb dumb.” Karen tells Gizelle she has no time for “The Darby Act” and she wants Ashley to stay far away from her. Gizelle relays the message and Ashley is not accepting that. She approaches Karen whp blows her off and walks away from her.

Charrisse has an outfit change and her daughter Skylar makes a speech. Byrnee reveals that Charrisse is a rapper and she gets on the mic. She’s not bad, and I wouldn’t count out a housewives single in her future. Andrew reveals that Michael squeezed his butt on the dance floor. Gizelle was there when it happened and brings it up to the ladies; Ashley was in defense zone. Robyn asks if that’s a white guy thing” and it turns into a bi-racial conversation again. This is uncomfortable to watch and Katie continues to call Robyn and Gizelle bi-racial when they insist she is not.

Robyn and Gizelle continue to grill Ashley about the butt grab. Ashley keeps revealing how good their sex life is trying to defend his actions. Katie ran back to Andrew and Byrnee with “Is that a white guy thing” and calls Gizelle and Robyn the most racially obsessed people she’s ever met.

Ashley asks Michael about him grabbing Andrew’s butt and he flat out denies it. He laughs off the “white thing” accusations, he seems to be a chill guy.

Charrisse had the best birthday party of her life, you go Charrisse!

Next week the ladies ALL square off at a Come To Jesus Lunch!

Thoughts on this week’s episodes; Let’s discuss!

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