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RHOA Reunion Part 2 – Recap!

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Welcome back to the Atlanta reunion!

Tonight we’re in part 2 looking back on what happened during last season with some sides of shade and sauciness to go along with it!

Cynthia and Porsha once again discuss the “altercation” that occurred on the boat and Cynthia remains adamant that she didn’t have anything to do with the bruises Porsha received (minus the ninja kick that is.) It’s clear that these two will never agree on whose fault it was so it’s probably best not to dwell too much into it.

We then get into Kenya’s family drama (which is actually very sad) and the lack of her mother’s presence at the family reunion. Kenya shares her heartbreak as even as a child her mother would laugh at her when she asked for any sort of relationship with her. Kandi agrees that the scene was hard to watch; however Porsha is still cold towards Kenya and said the reason Kenya is so harsh is because of the lack of relationship with her mother. Kenya states that’s not it as she has a loving relationship with her father and Porsha doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

We then get into Cynthia’s marriage to Peter which is going downhill – and fast! Peter joins the couch and tries to convince Andy their relationship is in a good place despite him living in Charlotte without Cynthia. Peter stresses that he isn’t guilty of cheating despite the cell phone video and Cynthia continues to seem skeptical of him being faithful. Porsha then chimes in which gets Kenya to defend Cynthia by throwing in some one liners at Porsha that could only come from Kenya’s mouth! Porsha continues to yell about Peter’s alleged infidelities to which Peter says Porsha to publish a list if she’s so confident about it.

After some serious drama we get a much needed cuteness break when Phaedra’s son Aiden stops by to help Andy host – too cute!

We then appropriately transition into Phaedra and her going it as a single mom. Phaedra discloses that her divorce is still in process as Apollo is prolonging it. Phaedra says that she doesn’t want to bring her kids back as there are definitely some inappropriate things going on during Fort Dix visitation hours (note to Teresa when visiting Joe!) Phaedra also calls out Kandi for pretending to care but failing to check in with Phaedra to make sure she’s okay. Kandi defends herself by saying they weren’t in a good spot and she is just looking out for Phaedra’s children by taking Apollo’s side (which includes Apollo having a relationship with his children.) Phaedra also expresses frustration that minus Kim’s husband Chris and Greg Leakes – none of the other men have stepped in to volunteer to be a male role model for her boys even though they said they would.

Next stop on Andy’s agenda is reliving the mess that was the Miami trip. We get to the real root of the problem when Phaedra compared Tammy’s nephew (who pushed his aunt) to innocent black men that are targeted by police. Kenya even revealed that the president of the Black Lives Matter movement tweeted Phaedra saying they weren’t happy with the comparison. I’m still shocked how Phaera, Porsha and Kim can blame his violence on Kenya! If a woman asks a guy to leave and he gets violent – I’m still missing how it’s the woman’s fault (especially when he comes towards her in a threatening manner.) I can understand why Kenya felt threatened – he wasn’t a small guy and looked like he was coming for her! Andy reminded Kim that she said Kenya poked the hornets nest and the ladies basically blame Kenya for inviting him to their house (despite the fact that he was Tammy’s nephew and had an obvious connection.) I’m not the biggest Kenya fan but I think the ladies are doing anything to blame this on Kenya which is sending the wrong message to women who are in violent relationships. Kandi thankfully steps in and sets the ladies straight by saying no matter what was said no man has the right to turn around and come for a woman #TeamKandi!!

Next week the men stop by and looks like they are stepping right into the drama – we’ll be watching!

What are your thoughts on this week’s reunion?

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