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Phaedra Parks Is Not Ruling Out Marriage – Says She Still Believes In Love!


Single men – take note! Phaedra Parks is looking for love!

Despite an embarrassing and messy separation from ex-husband Apollo (who is now serving time in Fort Dix – soon to be home of Joe Giudice) Phaedra states she still believes in marriage.

Opening up to ABC News Phaedra states:

“I do believe in love. This has not tainted my view on the sanctity of marriage, the importance of marriage, the importance of relationships.”

Proving that the very public split hasn’t bruised her ego, Phaedra goes on to say:

“I mean I think I’m a pretty great catch. I’m a young woman and I’m still pretty vivacious. So I don’t have anyone that I’m dating now because I’m still married and we’re going through the process of divorce but I’m open to dating once it’s finalized. I’m open to love.”

Although Phaedra may be a catch – she sure comes with some baggage! Phaedra states that she thinks she handled the not so quiet split with Apollo like a lady (despite the feds raiding her friends home looking for his stuff!)

“It was very difficult but I made a decision [that] no matter what I would hold my head up and try to conduct myself in a dignified manner and handle it with grace and class. And at no point in time do I think I detoured from that path.”

Phaedra also made it clear that she doesn’t blame the Housewives curse – saying that her marriage would have probably failed even if they weren’t on camera:

“People are who they are, whether they are on TV or whether they aren’t. Statistically whether you’re on TV or not, 75 percent of marriages in the United States just don’t work. I’m not sure why.”

“I would never blame television. I was who I was and my husband was who he was before TV and after TV. It had nothing to do with TV. I think TV will obviously put a strain on a relationship because it brings it under fire, but that’s anything.”

Thoughts on Phaedra’s interview?

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