RHOA Recap: Reunion Part 1!



Reunited and it feels so good…well maybe not for all of the Housewives. The Real Housewives of Atlanta gathered together along with reunion host Andy Cohen for trip down memory lane. During the reunion, the cast discussed the good, the bad, the ugly and the dramatic events that took place during season eight. While there was plenty of shade was thrown the ladies all did leave with their weaves intact.

As all reunions kick-off, Andy introduced the Housewives, and they all provided updates on the major events that had happened in their lives since season eight wrapped filming. Kandi Burruss gave birth to her son Ace while Porsha Williams became an aunt. Keeping with the baby theme, Kenya Moore played coy when Andy inquired about rumors she’s pregnant.

Instead, Kenya decided to dish about her feuds this season with Phaedra Parks and Kim Fields.

Phaedra, who was ready for her, show down with Kenya admitted to dissing Kenya’s looks. Phaedra said that Kenya is pretty but has bad skin, which justified her “oatmeal pie face” diss toward Kenya.

Kenya fought back saying it wasn’t cool to attack her looks but then switched tactics and went after Phaedra’s looks. Snapping to Phaedra,“You’re not one to talk because on your best day and my worst, you wouldn’t even be my third runner-up.”

Phaedra then went for the jugular and rolled her eyes telling Kenya that she didn’t have any children or a husband. Phaedra then backed off and kind of apologized which Kenya kind of accepted. Finally, Andy moved onto another Housewife feud.

Andy then inquired with Phaedra and Kandi about the status of their friendship. The once-upon-a-time BFF’s admitted they didn’t know where their friendship stood. Phaedra touted that she sent flowers and delivered chicken salad to Kandi after she gave birth to Ace but Andy interjected saying that delivering chicken salad doesn’t make a friendship.

Kandi revealed that they both want things to be better but just do not know how to do it and feel the other person out. One thing Kandi was clear about is rumors started by Phaedra that Kandi gives her husband Todd Tucker an allowance. Kandi shot down Phaedra’s claim after Andy played a clip revealing the diss, warning Phaedra not to come at her like that.

Phaedra claims to have apologized to Kandi and has tried to move forward but says she “felt a certain way” when she found out that Kandi and Todd were harboring her husband Apollo Nida’s stuff in their garage.

Kandi fought back saying she wasn’t trying to be shady and didn’t think it was a secret.

As for the money Phaedra owed Todd for her workout video? Both parties agreed that it had been resolved a week before filming the reunion. Although Phaedra did throw shade saying she now has to pay a lot of to have the video re-worked. Kandi let out a sigh, and an eye roll as Andy moved on.

Andy then moved on the biggest brawl during season eight of RHOA which involved newbie Kim Fields and Kenya. First off Andy asks both Kim and Kenya if they think Kim is a good fit for the show. Kim admits she’s still not sure but says it was entertaining to be part of the show. Kenya argued that Kim wasn’t a good fit, saying she was too “condescending” to be a Housewife.

Kandi chimed in saying that she didn’t think Kim fit in because she wasn’t accustomed to dealing with confrontation, which Phaedra agreed with. Cynthia Bailey, on the other hand, didn’t think Kim was judgmental, saying that she just seemed uncomfortable. Porsha then gave a backhanded compliment to Kim saying she hoped Kim would go from the judgmental newcomer to the beloved “aunt.”

The conversation then turned to Kenya’s TV show, Life Twirls On, which she asked Kim to work on. Kenya admits she wasn’t pleased that Kim shared a screening of her show with her hubby who was less than kind about the show; quipping that his opinion didn’t matter. Kenya then snarked that Kim was “biting the hand that feeds you. I brought you into this group, so you need to understand that.”

Kenya then claimed that she didn’t believe Kim’s career was better than her; calling Kim low man on the totem pole and saying that she is the star.

However, Kenya did admit that she was wrong for getting physical with Kim in Jamaica when she attempted to yank Kim’s chair out from under her. Kim interjects saying thank god her husband was there to calm her down. Cynthia then put in her two cents saying Kim handled herself well in that situation.

The conversation then spiraled downward and ultimately lead to Kim shouting over Kenya telling her,“You don’t get to keep interrupting people!” Both ladies then started clapping at each other in an attempt to quiet the other one which didn’t work.

The two then continued to go at each screaming at each other to get their point across. Kenya then questioned what Kim’s point was before telling Kim they were all bored with her.

Part one of the reunion ended with Sheree Whitfield leaning over to Kandi and telling her she couldn’t take it anymore.

Thoughts on part one of the RHOA reunion? DO you think Kim and Kenya will make amends?

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