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RHOP Recap: All Shades Of Shade


We pick up this week after some MAJOR drama in Betheny Beach, DE, when Michael Darby crashed the girls weekend. He came to surprise Ashley, a surprise she welcomed with open arms. The ladies were not happy, but Karen and Gizelle were flat out mad. Karen repeatedly reminded us that her husband would be “very uncomfortable” that she was sleeping in the house with another man, and it might be the generation gap, but Ashley couldn’t care less.

Gizelle is working on her make-up line, as she told AATRH exclusively it will be in stores late this summer This line is for black women, as they don’t have enough choices and she wants to fix that. She decides to form a focus group, consisting of her RHOP co-stars.

Katie is at home with her family, and Andrew steps in as step-dad of the year for the twin’s birthday. Katie’s kids are adorable, although it’s a bit uncomfortable that her nanny is ALWAYS with them. Katie again reminds us she “needs the ring,” a point she has definitely gotten across. Katie and Andrew are discussing the beach weekend from hell, and Katie doesn’t tell Andrew about Gizelle’s accusations. Katie decides to post-pone casino night, as her schedule is too busy otherwise; claiming she has a great reputation in Potomac and is very in demand to help for charity events.. Katie shares she will NOT be a part of Gizelle’s focus group, since she wasn’t helpful about casino night.

Karen is working with her assistant on a gala in her mother-in-law’s honor, supporting Alzheimer’s disease; and Karen’s is pulling out all the stops for the event. Karen’s husband comes in, and he tells Karen to scale down the event; he that he and his sisters do not want any big deal made for this gala since they are still mourning their mother.

Gizelle sets up a nice night for the ladies, and she also has some friends come to the focus group as well. Ashley is the first to arrive and she decides to ask Gizelle if she is still upset with her; Gizelle says she just wants to move forward. Gizelle’s hairdresser is at the event and he apologizes to Charrisse, who is so happy to see him. Karen is less receptive, but she too accepts his apology as well.

Gizelle reveals she had a problem growing up light skinned, and that people always assumed she was a bitch. The ladies break up into groups to test out the make-up, and Ashley is very impressed. Karen says she will always to support, but the concept is not that great (ouch).

Katie skipped the event to do “real work,” and network to gain exposure for The Rost Foundation. She is hosting a charity fashion show and reveals she modeled for over a decade.

Back at Gizelle’s make-up focus group, Karen and Ashley decide to discuss their issues. Karen says that Ray wants to talk to Michael and work things out, since he had some concerns about Michael showing up un-announced. Things start getting a bit loud, and Ashley says that Karen was having a tantrum; Karen calls Ashley immature, which she did not take kindly to. Gizelle makes the ladies shut it down, because nothing was getting solved and it was becoming a scene.

Robyn and Juan are discussing the weekend, and she shares that she and Gizelle had the kid’s room; they reminisce on the days they slept in a twin bed together. They have a playful relationship and they should get back together. Juan calls Robyn the love of his life, and their divorce only seems on paper. Robyn reveals they got divorced because he cheated, but he tells her he loves her everyday and that he wants to get back together. Robyn says he is the love of her life, but she still has a guard up.

Karen, Ashley, Ray, and Michael all go golfing to discuss the Huger’s issues with Michael’s surprise visit to the beach house. Karen says she’s moved on, and Ray says he doesn’t appreciate that Michael came and made Karen uncomfortable. Michael doesn’t understand why it matters that he came to HIS beach house when Karen had her own nice, private room. Ray says he doesn’t want Michael seeing Karen in skimpy outfits, and they go back and forth for a bit. In the end they are joking around and Michael says they should come for a couples weekend, an invitation Karen declines. Karen says she is “so proud of her man” for sticking up for her. Michael and Ray get weirdly competitive about golfing, but in the end they decide to shake hands and move on. The four-some make amends and Ashley is very excited to be back on the list for Karen’s gala.

Charrisse is at home with her kids, and she decides to learn how to swim for her 50th birthday. Charrisse hasn’t been in the water since her honeymoon, because she almost drowned and she has been afraid ever since. This is a new Charrisse, she is starting a new chapter!

Karen is shopping for flowers with her assistant and she reveals Raymond got a fabulous band as the entertainment, I guess Karen won that one. Karen finds out she can’t get her cherry blossoms and it seems like the world is ending, her assistant must have A LOT of patience.

It’s the night of Karen’s event and The Huger’s decide to throw a cocktail party at their home. Katie is very unimpressed, and doesn’t understand why she couldn’t help with her casino night if this was what she was working on. Gizelle calls out Katie right away for skipping her event, and Katie tells Gizelle to send her some samples. These two have a lot of tension and should probably stay away from each other.

Robyn arrives and says her and Juan don’t do things socially together, and their relationship is mostly about their kids now. Karen is telling Gizelle about golfing with The Darby’s, and Gizelle says she wishes she could have seen it. Karen is giving a speech, and The Darby’s interrupt many times with the doorbell, annoying Karen even more. Gizelle tells Ashley about Karen’s version of the golf day, and Ashley is not too pleased and reveals that’s not what happened.

Ashley shares with the girls Ravvin is not there because Karen doesn’t want her daughter around the women. Gizelle is offended, and sets out to ask Karen about this ASAP. Robyn asks Karen about her daughter, and Karen GIVES IT to Ashley. She says she doesn’t want Ravvin around Ashley specifically, and that she is DONE with her. WOW.

Karen declares that she really is done with Ashley, because she has caused so many problems, and had so many chances. She says that children are off-limits and that she crossed the line. Ashley is feeling very uncomfortable, and a bit confused as to what she did to make Karen so mad. Karen feels that Ashley disrespected the event and her late mother-in-law. She tells the women that she thinks that Ashley has an agenda, and she is proud of herself for not really going off on her.

Next week we get to see more of the Potomac kids, and Charrisse turns the big 5-0!

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