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Lisa Vanderpump Warns Lisa Rinna Not To Try And Pass Her Guilt Onto Her



Lisa Vanderpump will take on a lot, but she’s not going to be taking on RHOBH co-star Lisa Rinna’s guilt for insinuating that Yolanda Foster may have Munchausen disease. While visiting Jenny McCarthy’s SiriusXM radio show Dirty, Sexy, Funny Lisa V slammed Rinna; warning Rinna not to try and pass her guilt onto her.

“I resent the fact, don’t pass the blame, don’t pass the buck,” Lisa V echoed when Jenny asked if Lisa Rinna’s claims that Vanderpump was the puppet master behind the Munchausen debacle were real.

Lisa then further defended herself saying, “No why would I say bring it up. I do say to everyone you talk about things off camera, say it on camera. I do say that about everything because I think that’s what we signed up for.”

Jenny then stirred the pot saying maybe that’s why Rinna thought you were setting her up which Lisa V quickly quipped back against.

“Well…yes but no I wouldn’t go to her and say oh yes….We were all shocked. And also, let’s be smart about this. When she brought Munchausen up, you see me say ‘I don’t think we should be talking about this.’ Now if she thought I was supportive of her, she would have turned around and said ‘Oh come on Lisa you know you agree with me why are saying that now’ and that didn’t happen. I sat there and said I don’t think we should be talking about this. And the reason I didn’t think we should be talking about this is because I don’t think Munchausen was relevant, I really don’t. Munchausen is when you’re not sick, and Yolanda has been sick,” Lisa explained. 

Hmm….it seems that this a case of he said, she said. I’m stumped about who’s side of the story I believe. Both seem plausible.

Do you believe Lisa V’s side of the Munchausen story? Are you Team Lisa R or Team Lisa V?

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