Gizelle Bryant Calls Katie Rost a Liar! Claims Katie is Making Things Up in Her ‘Fantasy Mind’!



Leave it to Gizelle to throw shade like no other and keep us laughing at the same time! Gizelle can boarderline on mean/funny; however I have to admit I usually have a good laugh despite the shady things that are coming out of her mouth!

This week’s Bravo Blog regarding Katie Rose was no different and Gizelle didn’t hold back!

Gizelle spoke out about Katie accusing her of being a mean girl and said that wasn’t likely!

Katie spent the majority of the time locked away in her room, or the bathroom or any corner away from the group. In order for me to be “mean” to Katie I first would need to have an FBI investigation to find her. I didn’t know that Katie is the kind of woman that you can’t say ANYTHING to…now I know and will keep our conversations limited to the color of the sky, tulips and rainbows. Brynee and Charisse acting like I was attacking Katie I totally understand because Katie always acts like a wounded bird that needs to be nursed back to health. Again, I wasn’t the first to bring up Katie’s strange party behavior.

On the passive aggressiveness of Ms. Rost:

I love to talk about rumors especially when they’re about ME. I love to find out what the streets are saying or what Katie is making up in her fantasy mind. Street Talk Game 101…if you’re going to throw out a rumor then you have to stay and defend your rumor. When you run away faster than Usain Bolt and don’t defend the rumor…well, then everyone thinks what they already know…you’re a LIAR.

On Katie’s (very serious) confrontation:

After the Old Time Photo shoot, I was super happy and enjoying everyone. We all seemed to be getting along nicely. When Katie wanted to talk, I was happy to have the conversation so that the smoky air could be cleared. When Katie started talking so “business like” with no laughs and giggles I thought well let me get my navy blue business suit, crisp white shirt, and three and a half inch heels. I had never seen an assertive Katie before, this person should show up more often.

I like Gizelle and agree there is something a bit off about Katie – I just don’t think we’ve seen the full story yet!

Thoughts on Gizelle’s blog?

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