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AllAboutTRH Exclusive Interview With Kyle Richards: Updates Us On Her Status With Kim Plus Reveals Whether Lisa Rinna Regrets Her Comments!

The beautiful Kyle Richards has been a fan favorite of RHOBH for years! We were lucky enough to chat with the busy housewife on everything from her thoughts on this season to what we can expect from her next (and oh yes – a little hint at the explosive reunion!) Kyle was open, honest and not afraid to hold back! Check out her responses below:

It’s been quite a season! What are your thoughts watching it so far?

I think it’s a great season. It’s different than any other season. It’s complex, fun, glitzy and dramatic. The trips were a lot of fun too!

What were your first impressions of Kathryn and Erika and have they changed after getting to know them?

I like Erika & Kathryn a lot. I think they have been wonderful additions.

Erika has said that the ladies are obsessed with Brandi – do you agree with that?

We have to discuss Brandi at times. She was a part of the show until this season and we can’t just pretend she didn’t exist.

What were you thinking when you saw the beach scene between Eileen and Lisa?

I was wondering “what in the world is Lisa Rinna talking about”? The first time I ever heard the word Munchausen was from Lisa Rinna’s mouth and I never told her to bring that up! I actually tweeted about my shock and attempted to clear that up over twitter.

Where did the comments that you and Vanderpump were laughing about Yolanda’s photos come from?

We were laughing at some of the outrageous things Yolanda had posted. Anyone who knows my sense of humor would understand where I was coming from. For example, there was a photo where she was in an aluminum box with only her head coming out and it looked like she was in a toaster. I actually told Yolanda about all of this myself.

You had recently revealed that Lisa Rinna’s comments about your sister Kim hurt you. What is your friendship status with Lisa Rinna right now?

Rinna’s comment’s about Kim were hurtful. However, she did apologize and expressed that she regretted her comments.

Who are you currently closest with on RHOBH?

Lisa Vanderpump- however, I like all the women in this cast and I haven’t always been able to say that.

Your family has been through a lot lately. Has this brought you and your sisters closer?

Kim and I are doing really well now, which makes us happy. When you’re arguing with or not speaking to a loved one, it always feels like there’s a missing piece.

We recently saw you do a pop up shop of your store ‘Kyle’ in the Hamptons. How did it do? Will we be seeing a second store in NYC?

The pop up store was a big success and we will open again there I’m sure; also in NYC!

Congratulations on 20 years of marriage! Any advice you would give out for a successful marriage?

We both really feel that we found our soulmate. We love the same things and share the same goals. Our family is our number 1 priority. It’s also picking and choosing your battles. The things that would bother me in my 20’s and 30’s I wouldn’t think twice about today. When you’re younger you can get real petty!

Aside from being a mother, wife, businesswoman and reality star – what can we expect from you next?

Well, I just finished Celebrity Apprentice which was a crazy but great experience (shooting 6 days a week & shooting RHOBH interviews on my day off)! My scripted show is about to start rolling. We begin casting soon which seems surreal. Opening a store in NYC. So I have a lot of stuff going on! I’m excited!

Anything you can tell us about the reunion that just wrapped up?

It was a very long, stressful day. There were a lot of tears, tempers flared and a lot of outbursts. I’m very happy that it’s over.

Thank you Kyle for catching up with us here at AllAboutTRH! Can’t wait to see the reunion and catch Kyle on Celebrity Apprentice!

What are your thoughts on Kyle’s interview?

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