RHOBH Recap: Hearing Is Believing



RHOBH kicks off with Yolanda talking with her supermodel daughter then her hubby David Foster as she prepares for her speech at the Global Lyme Alliance in New York City. David is encouraging to Yolanda and offers his assistance but seems distant.

Kathryn is then back at the Audiologist to get fitted for her hearing device. As she receives her new hearing devices Kathryn breaks down in tears as she can hear out of her one ear finally. Kathryn is thrilled with this game changing device and realizes that she may need to apologize to Erika for her loudness at her dinner party.

In a #TBT moment, we catch up with Camille Grammer at her mega Malibu mansion as she prepares for a party to support cancer research. Yolanda and Kathryn are first two wives to arrives and Yolanda is sporting a brand-new short hair do. Erika comes shortly after and gushes over Yolanda’s new haircut. The rest of the women trickle in; giving their air-kisses and saying their hellos.

Camille thanks everyone for coming out to support the Foundation For Women’s Cancer. The party is in full swing and is a shopping extravaganza. The ladies gush over diamonds and more bling than one could ever imagine.

Lisa Rinna chats with Yolanda and apologizes for not being able to come to New York to support her. Yolanda understands, but Lisa R is clearly uncomfortable to be around Yolanda after her confession to Eileen last week. The air between Yolanda and Lisa R is clearly full of unpleasant feelings and tension which Erika can sense as she looks on.

Yolanda can sense that something isn’t right with Lisa R, and questions her about it saying she’s “psychic.” Lisa R says nothings wrong but gets slightly emotional. The two hug it out, but Lisa breaks down questioning why Yolanda would cancel her plans to come to Erika’s dinner party but would have lunch with Kim Richards and Brandi Glanville the same day. Yolanda explains that it’s none of Rinna’s business but says she only has so much energy plus Yolanda admits she has loyalty to Kim and Brandi. Lisa R says she’s upset and mad about Yolanda ditching Erika’s dinner; saying it’s a trust issue. Yolanda doesn’t get Lisa R’s point, and Erika wonders why Lisa R’s so upset when it was her dinner party. The other ladies gather and somewhat lend their support to Lisa R, who feels like she’s in a loose situation with Yolanda because she uses her illness at an excuse. Yolanda then claims that Brandi and Kim are the only two Housewives who have supported her which Kyle takes major offense to. The ladies agree that Yolanda and Lisa R’s friendship is a work in progress as Yolanda decides its time for her to go. Lisa R says there’s something false going on with Yolanda and that she’s not being honest about something.

The next day at Lisa V’s castle on the cliff, Kathryn stops by as they discuss Lisa’s dog march to protest the Yulin dog meat festival. Lisa opens up about her passion for dogs and how hard she and Ken have worked to plan this protest. The ultimate goal is to stop the Yulin festival and get the word out about this atrocity. Kathryn is ready to help Lisa and admits she doesn’t get why Erika doesn’t like Lisa V; Lisa also says she likes Kathryn and thinks she’s straight forward.

Kyle, Mauricio, Lisa Vand Ken, along with Kathryn, Lisa R, and Eileen meet up for dinner. Kyle brings up the idea of the ladies taking a trip to Dubai, and the ladies are all on board for the trip. The topic of the Yulin protest comes up, and Eileen reveals to Lisa V that she can’t make it which doesn’t make Lisa V happy at all. Eileen feels that things are awkward between her and Lisa V and decides to a bring it up. Eileen opens up about calling Vanderpump manipulative and then gets mad when Lisa V attempts to try and change the subject.

The day of Lisa and Ken’s march arrives, and the crowd begins the protest walking down the street yelling “Stop Yulin forever.” Accidentally the group begins protesting in front of a community center instead of the Chinese consulate. The protest seems to be short lived but successful.

The group heads to NYC in style as the fly in Tom and Erika’s private jet. Yolanda reveals that she invited Lisa R, Eileen, Lisa V, Kim, and Brandi but they all couldn’t make it; Yolanda says she can’t force people to support her. Kyle again brings up the Dubai trip, and the ladies are all on board except for Yolanda, who doesn’t want to be so far away from home.

In the meantime, Lisa R and Eileen go shopping for new luggage. Eileen admits that she’s nervous about going to Dubai because of the tension with the group. Also Eileen brings up Rinna’s nerves and the fact that she hasn’t fully hashed out her issues with Yolanda or Lisa Vanderpump. Eileen says that Lisa has big balls around her but then clams up around everyone else. Lisa R, on the other hand, is worried about everyone taking advantage of her and has quickly realized that she has allowed herself to become the scapegoat. Back not the plane Kyle says that Lisa V and Eileen are officially at not getting along. The ladies discuss that Eileen needs to accept that she will never get a genuine apology from Lisa V because that’s not who Lisa V is.

Yolanda and her girl squad arrive in New York for the Global Lyme Alliance also along for the trip are Yolanda ‘s hubby David who seems thrilled that his wife is out of bed and her robe! The group settles into The Palace Hotel where they quickly spend the night celebrating as they head up to the roof, David makes a toast to Yolanda and jokes about having a robe burning ceremony to get rid of the robe she’s lived in for the past ten months. Yolanda also thanks David for standing by her and acknowledges that he does get frustrated with her illness at times but says that he’s stuck by her through thick and thin even though it hasn’t been easy. Off camera, David can be overheard saying that he’s not sure his marriage can go back to normal. Ouch. Poor Yolanda.

The end.

Thoughts on tonight’s episode?

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