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RHOP Recap – Reading is Fundamental!


Welcome back to Potomac!

Looks like we are starting off right where we left (in the circle of secrets.) Katie discloses that Gizelle is no longer on the coveted host committee (which I’m sure Gizelle is relieved of as she didn’t want to be part of the “hot mess” anyways!) Katie is then put in the hot seat regarding her bizarre behavior at Ashley’s party. The ladies think she was on something but Katie just chalks it up to too much to drink. From here the ladies decide to an impromptu dance party while Katie creeps upstairs in shame.

The next morning the ladies discuss how awkward the night before was as finances, marriages and dementia was brought up (along with the ever popular bathroom stories.) Robyn further discloses that being duped by a good friend who was stealing money was worse than her actual divorce. Katie, on the other hand felt attacked by Gizelle and was insulted that it was insinuated that she was taking drugs. Gizelle then enters the scene and the ladies call her out for not actually sharing anything along with interrogating Katie. Katie then does what she does best and exits stage left.

Unable to move on, Katie is still upset that Gizelle called her out and wants nothing to do with her. The ladies seem to side with Katie and encourage her to confront and fight back with Gizelle.

The ladies then go for a very un-Housewife outing to the boardwalk for old timey western photos. The ladies seem to finally be loosening up and actually have a laugh. That moment doesn’t last too long as Katie takes this moment to talk to Gizelle on how hurt she was for being reprimanded in front of the other ladies. Gizelle actually apologizes; however in her talking head Katie throws shade so clearly isn’t over it.

The ladies are then going out to Michael and Ashley’s hangout (a drag show) and are contemplating on what to wear as they want to impress the drag queens. Before the show the ladies grab some dinner and Katie of course brings up marriage. She feels she is close to getting engaged but wants the ladies to help Andrew pick out the diamond. On the topic of marriage, Ashley reveals she has a prenup and reveals she sees Michael as her “pot of gold” (not the best description if you don’t want to be called a gold digger!) The talk then turns to white men and finances and Katie reveals she doesn’t feel white men care about the black community. This doesn’t sit well with Gizelle as she feels Katie is trying to distance herself from the black community herself and tries to identify too much with the white community. Gizelle then thanks Ashley for being a good hostess but gives Karen all the credit as Karen apparently has trained her.

On to the drag show and we FINALLY get to see a fun side to the ladies (definitely no room for etiquette talk here!) Right in the middle of the hoopla Michael crashes the party to surprise Ashley which enrages Karen (does anyone else have a flashback to the Ramona/Simon situation from RHONY??) The ladies don’t want Michael in the house and blow everything way out of proportion. Karen insinuates that her husband would not allow this (making it seem like Michael is some sort of sexual predator stalking Karen.)

Robyn is the only one who agrees that everything has been blown out of proportion as the ladies are leaving tomorrow. I’m going to have to agree that I didn’t see it has a huge deal as he didn’t come the first night -it looks like he wanted to go to his beach house, see his wife and have a beer! It looks like Michael kept the party going with a beer pong tournament after some ladies went to bed – much better than the sister secrets circle!

Looks like next week the feud really heats up between Ashley and Karen – let the games begin!

What were your thoughts? Do you think it was inappropriate for Michael to show up to a girls weekend??

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