RHOA Recap: Who’s Been Naughty Who’s Been Nice



The Real Housewives of Atlanta love leaving on a bang. Tonight the RHOA ended their season with plenty shade thrown here and there but the ladies shockingly seemed more focused on making peace with each other than throwing daggers.

Phaedra Parks was busy planning her Winter Wonderland party while her Porsha Williams dropped by with some salacious gossip for her friend. Porsha showed up ready to show Phaedra the gossip online about how the FBI ambushed Kandi’s house to locate Apollo Nida’s belongings including a motorcycle.

Porsha, who seemed giddy to spill the dirt, watched on as Phaedra didn’t bat a lash at the news. Phaedra, of course, made it all about her saying she knows exactly how it feels to have the FBI raid your home. Porsha stirred the pot even more wondering if Kandi will think Phaedra called the Feds on her. Of course, Phaedra stays mum while Porsha dug a little deeper asking if Kandi reached out to her about the visit. Phaedra made it clear Kandi hadn’t and that she didn’t want to discuss the matter any further.
Meanwhile Kenya Moore’s man of the moment, boyfriend Matt showed up at her home with a very special delivery. Roses, a car, jewelry, champagne? No Matt showed up with TWO puppies. Kenya made it clear that SHE actually bought the puppies, but they were too small until recently to take home, so Matt was just bringing them to her not buying them for her. While Kenya spent all of five minutes cooing over her new puppies and her “rock star” boyfriend, she quickly moved on to discussing more juicy topics like whether Phaedra called the feds on Kandi. Kenya says she thinks Phaedra dropped the dime on Kandi, which isn’t something you do in the hood. Since when do the RHOA live in the hood…but okay. Matt quickly pointed out that none of the ladies were in the hood (thank you!), but Kenya didn’t want to hear it. Kenya then said Phaedra acts like she forgives people but never actually does, alluding that Kenya believes Phaedra totally ratted Kandi out to the feds.

Then we caught up with Cynthia, who’s been having a self-admitted rocky year of marriage. Cynthia is determined to make her marriage work saying that Jamaica was a huge breakthrough for her and Peter and that she finally thinks things are back to where they used to be. Girl……

Cynthia then gushes about the happy ending massage she arranged for Peter where she was the one giving the happy ending. Despite their issues, Cynthia says they chose to stay together and work things out, and now it’s better than ever. The happy ending should have been the other way around honey! He cheated on you after all! But Cynthia and Peter’s happy ending got cut short when Cynthia’s ex-husband and daughter Noel walked in on their almost sexy time and dampened the mood.

We meet up again with Phaedra, who is continuing to plan her Winter Wonderland party and has now assigned her oldest son Aidyn to be a living Elf on a Self. Aidyn’s responsibility besides looking adorable was to pass out coal to anyone he deemed naughty, which turned out to be everyone. Good call Aidyn!

Phaedra, who was super busy being the hostess with the mostess, as all the Housewives and their men, were in attendance including NeNe and Gregg Leakes.

The party was in full swing when things had to take a turn for the worst when Sheree noticed Tammy chatting with Bob. Sheree wasn’t having any of it considering that Tammy and Bob have messed around in the past, and Bob is attempting to woo Sheree once again. Sheree didn’t miss a beat and bluntly called out Tammy and Bob. Bob, who clearly wanted to escape the fire finally, confessed that he and Tammy are just friends and NEVER hooked up. Crisis averted as Bob blamed brain trauma for why he told Sheree he and Tammy hooked up in the past.

FINALLY, we get to the good stuff! The ladies are all wondering about the question of the hour didn’t Phaedra call the feds on Kandi and Cynthia. It turns out the FBI also showed up at Cynthia’s house as well. Kenya stuck her nose where it didn’t belong goading Kandi about if she thinks Phaedra made the call. Both Cynthia and Kandi honestly didn’t seem to know how to answer the question. When Phaedra jumped in the conversation, and they asked her straight up if she did it, Phaedra decided to excuse herself from the conversation. Is that a guilty plea Ms. Parks?

The party ended on a good note as Kandi and NeNe put the past behind them. One friendship mended another one down.

Thoughts on the season finale of RHOA? Do you think Phaedra called the feds?

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