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Kathryn Edwards Deletes Her Twitter And Instagram After Backlash From RHOBH Fans; Which Of Her Co-Stars Reached Out To Her?


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kathryn Edwards is new to the Housewife game so when the backlash from Real Housewives fans started rolling in the newest Housewife went running for hills! Kathryn, who clearly wasn’t ready to handle to criticism that comes with being a Housewife, mysteriously deleted all of her social media accounts over the weekend.

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Kathryn randomly deleted both her Twitter and Instagram accounts after receiving heavy backlash over her actions on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kathryn came under fire after saying she wanted to be friends with Erika Girardi only to turn around and betray her confidence by telling Lisa Vanderpump what Erika had said about her.

During a recent appearance on WWHL Kathryn defended her actions saying, “Can I also place it in chronological order? I said I wanted to be her friend, but I didn’t know she was going to be backstabbing Vanderpump. I love Erika. I really do. I think she’s a great girl. But when I said that, that was before she started backstabbing Vanderpump. I tell it to your face. I’m not a big behind-your-back talker.”

While there’s no telling if Kathryn will re-appear on social media anytime soon, at least, one of her RHOBH co-stars has shown support following the backlash from fans. Lisa Vanderpump let fans know that she reached out to Kathryn after her disappearance from social media saying “its been brutal” for Kathryn.

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If the fires too hot get out of the kitchen I suppose? Did Kathryn not understand what comes along with being a Housewife? It seems pretty crazy that she deleted her social media accounts. I get that fans can be harsh and get super passionate about Real Housewives, but she needs to just suck it up and show the haters that they can’t faze her.

Can you believe Kathryn deleted her social media accounts? Are you surprised Lisa V is the only Housewife who has reached out to Kathryn?

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