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Ashley’s Darby Wants To Be Accepted By Her RHOP Co-Stars Because She Is “Always Up For A Challenge”


This week on The Real Housewives of Potomac Ashley Darby learned the hard way; you can’t please everybody! Ashley hosted her first weekend away with the Potomac ladies, and it was actually their first trip as a group. Ashley’s beach house in Bethany, Deleware was gorgeous, yet she probably should have cut down on the guest list since she couldn’t fit all of the ladies comfortably, at least not up to their standards of comfort!

Karen and Katie were beyond happy with their single rooms with great great views, and Robyn had a “make the best of it” attitude regarding sleeping in a single bed! Charrisse and Gizelle were less than thrilled with their accommodations, opting for a hotel instead, but they were all sold out.

This week Ashley took to her Bravo Blog to give her side of the story on the beach weekend from hell, and in a surprising turn of events manages to compliment Robyn Dixon multiple times! What did you think of Katie Rost’s reaction to the ladies’ concerns about Katie’s gala?  

Ashley Darby: Initially, Katie’s aggression took me by surprise because I thought she was BFFLs with the Potomac crew, but then I realized she is just like me – trying to make a name for herself. Having someone sh– on your passion is very disheartening, and would cause anyone to go on the defense. Since Robyn Dixon is a professional event planner, I think she meant well in warning Katie about how hard it is to raise the equivalent of the down payment on a house. That’s a lot of coins! There is a way to give your opinion without being a bully, something Gizelle Bryant needs to remember. Tell us about the pressure you felt to please the Potomac ladies.

AD: So many people ask me why I want to be accepted in the Potomac social circle – I’ve created a comfortable life for myself over the last few years with a great family, loving husband, and amazing friends. But that’s just the point, I always want to push my personal boundaries! Life is so boring if you become comfortable with the status quo. I have a great deal of respect for this close knit community of affluent African American women, and I see it as a challenge to get in good with them. Challenge accepted! What do you think of the ladies’ reactions to your weekend away and your home? What were you thinking when the ladies were googling places to stay? 

AD: I can’t really take their silly reaction to this beautiful multi-million dollar vacation home seriously! My husband is one of the top real estate developers in the nation’s capital and a few housewives are going to criticize his home? Yeah, thanks for playing. It baffles me how much they talk about class and etiquette, yet have the audacity to insult someone who invites them in as guests. Did you hear Gizelle or Charrisse Jackson Jordan volunteering a weekend at either of their beach homes? ::crickets:: So what a few friends had to share a room, did I ask them to share a BED? Gizelle should’ve just been glad she had a place to lay her big head – that thing barely fits through the door.

I will say that I have a new respect for Robyn – she so fun and carefree! Hopefully that becomes a Potomac standard, with a little help from me of course ;). The whole Googling incident hurt my feelings at first because I thought this was a great bonding opportunity and it only takes a few bad apples to ruin the bunch. But in the end I was glad it all worked out and the ladies apologized for their childish behavior so that we could have a great time! Welcome to the Darby Party! Did you forget to pack underwear? (We had to ask!) 

AD: I certainly did forget to pack panties!  I love being commando to let Virginia air out anyway! On the real I have no shame – sweat and cellulite, we’ve all got it!

Ashley took several opportunities to throw shade in her blog, but she seemed to misunderstand what the women had an issue with. No one was bashing her home, there is no doubt it’s spectacular, they were upset she didn’t tell them they’d be in children’s beds. This is where the age gap/ generation difference comes into play. Those beds would have been perfect for a binge drinking weekend at the beach were her 20-something-year-old friends; but these are grown women, who she knows wouldn’t be happy about it!

Thoughts on Ashley’s blog? Whose side are you on; Ashley or Gizelle and Charrisse? Do you think Ashley was wrong for not telling the ladies the sleeping conditions before hand? Do you think Ashley sucks up to Karen? What did you think of this weeks episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac?

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