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AATRH Exclusive Interview With Gizelle Bryant: Dishes On All Things RHOP & Reveals If She Will She Be Back For Season 2


Gizelle Bryant is the spunky, sexy, sassy bombshell that really knows how to bring it on The real Housewives of Potomac. In her first season she has proven to be a stand out star, and a necessity to Bravo’s newest housewives franchise.

Gizelle makes a great housewife because she is not afraid to speak her mind. You can count on her to give her honest opinion, even if it’s not always what you want to hear. I had the chance to speak with Gizelle yesterday, and she did not disappoint. She kept me laughing throughout the interview, and she gave  genuine, authentic answers. It was refreshing to hear Gizelle back up what she’s said on The Real Housewives of Potomac, and it’s clear she lives her life with no regrets!

AATRH: Robyn recently revealed that none of you knew this was actually going to be The Real Housewives, and you were unsure what the show was actually going to be; can you tell us about that? What did you think when you found out you were actually going to be Housewives?

GB: Yes, so when we started there were kind of like rumors that you know, we would possibly be the housewives, but we didn’t so. So literally 5minutes before the world knew that we were Real Housewives, we found out. At first, I couldn’t breath, I was so excited; I didn’t know what to think. I mean, I was happy this is what I wanted; but I was like ‘oh my god, oh my god.’ It has been a beautiful thing ever since we were given The Real Housewives of Potomac stamp of approval. It is like ‘ahhhhhhhhh’.

AATRH: How were you approached to do start filming any reality show originally?

GB: Good question. So, a good friend of mine who I’ve known for like 20 years reached out to me because he was doing casting; and it’s only because I’ve known him for so long that I even entertained it. And when he asked me if I would even consider doing reality TV I was like ‘absolutely not, I don’t want everybody in my business, all up in my house.’ (laughs) But then I thought about it and I was like, you know what; I’m really at a great place in my life. It’s just me and my kids, doing our thing, and I’m very proud of my life. I’m happy to show it to the world.

AATRH: Before the show aired it was said that Charrisse brought the group together, is there any truth to that?

GB: Yes, well, kind of. She introduced me to Robyn years ago, and Robyn and I became fast friends. Robyn is like a sister to me. Then, I introduced Charrisse to Karen. That’s how the four of us met.

AATRH: Did you watch The Real Housewives of any city before you started filming?

GB: Yes of course I watched. Well, I didn’t watch all of them but I absolutely love Atlanta of course. I catch New York, and I catch Beverly Hills. Now those Beverly Hills ladies know how to do it, I mean they are just fab-u-lous. So, I always try to catch them!

AATRH: What about The Real Housewives of D.C.; did you watch that and do you know any of those ladies?

GB: I do. I have met Stacy Turner, I did watch a little bit of it. It didn’t really peak my interest unfortunately. No shade, no shade to them at all. I think the cast was unbalanced; there was no chemistry there.

AATRH: You said you knew all of the women except for Ashley prior to filming; what was your first impression of her, and did it change as filming went on?

GB: Well, my first impression was 100% horrible. She drank way too much before I got to the party. So here I am meeting, and talking to this rambling, mess of a woman. I just didn’t get it. From that, I took that as her being extremely immature, and silly, and possibly not smart. I have a hard time with those things with women. As the season progressed I realized that’s not her, that was just a bad night. I do love Ashley. I think she is a breath of fresh air, and you know, she is a smart girl. I love the fact that she’s a spitfire. She knows what she wants and she goes after it.

AATRH: What do you think about reports circulating that RHOP didn’t represent the Potomac community?

GB: You know, we just happen to live in Potomac, we are not representing Potomac; we’re just representing ourselves.

AATRH: How did your adorable daughter feel about you joining The Real Housewives of Potomac?

GB: (Laughs) They are so hilarious. When I first got approached about it I sat them down and said ‘look, do you want mommy to do this, do you not want mommy to do this?’ And they said, ‘mommy you better do it, this is going to be so much fun!’ That’s actually how they approach life; if it’s bad, let’s make it better. I get so much encouragement from them. They are 100% my heart, I am honored to be their mom, and they keep me laughing. (I point out the similarity of the Giudice girls) That’s funny you say that, (laughs again) everybody comes up to me and says they are like Teresa’s girls, only a little bit better behaved (we both laugh) No shade on Teresa, none at all I’m always thinking of her and her beautiful daughters.

AATRH: Are you dating anyone right now?

GB: I am dating a couple of people. I am not saying any names, but I will say that I am no longer dating Herman.

AATRH: Can you share with us your top beauty/fashion/workout tips?

GB: I work out hard, about 4-5 times a week. I do a lot of running. My bikini body that you just saw last night, I had just started taking a running class. It’s on the treadmill for an hour and the teacher works you through it. That really helped to tone me up. That’s my workout tip, get off of your butt and make it happen! As far as fashion is concerned, I love fitting my body. I’m very aware of what I should accentuate, and what I should not. I stick to that and it’s helped me. I want ladies to be aware of what works on your body type. As far as beauty secrets, I love crest white strips. I think everybody should have super white teeth.

AATRH: Did your relationship with Charrisse and ever fully recover from the drama at her house during the crab bake, what about Karen?

GB: Karen definitely, me and Charrisse, we’re still working on it. Karen and I have a wonderful respect for one another. Karen is actually a lot of fun, and I don’t know if that’s been portrayed. I hope by the end of the season everyone gets to see that, because she is a lot of fun. (I point out that all of the etiquette talk from Karen may have something to do with her portrayal) I want to talk about the etiquette thing for a second. At first, I was like sick of that word, I was ready to destroy it and never hear it again. The more that I thought about it, it really separated us and gave us our own lane. That is true to who we are, we respected etiquette and manners. To the extent it was shown on the show 1 million times, no. But it did put us in our own lane.

AATRH: Do you have any thoughts about Katie & Andrew’s relationship? There have been very mixed reviews on them as a couple after some of the things that have been shown on the show?

GB: (laughs) Let me just say, oh gosh. I am raising 3 girls, and if ever in life they were begging a man to marry them, I would kill them. (we both laugh) I just feel like, if a man wants to be with you, he will be with you. You should never have to ask, he should always be on the hunt for you. Now that’s not everybody’s philosophy, that’s just my philosophy and that’s how I’m raising my kids. 

AATRH: You and Robyn seem to have a genuine friendship, what kind of advice do you give to her, in regards to her situation with Juan?

GB: That’s a totally different animal; Robyn and Juan have been together since they were kids. I always tell her, there love bends and doesn’t break. She’s figuring that out for herself, trying to make it work for her life. Juan loves her, let’s be clear, Juan love Robyn. My advice is, if your going to be with him great, but bring the romance back. Bring the dating back, the spark back. That’s what I challenge her to work on.

AATRH: What were your expectations of the accommodations for the beach trip, and did the ladies ever discuss switching rooms so every1 got the chance at a bigger, nicer room/bed?

GB: Wow, that never occurred tome, but in the future I am going to make that recommendation. My issue with Ashley was look, if I’m going to sleep in a kid bed just let me know before I get there so my expectation is where it needs to be. Her issue was, ‘look Gizeelle if I had been honest, you would not have come.’ Possibly, however let me make that decision, don’t you make it for me. That’s why I was so angry, she lied, she needed to be honest.

AATRH: Will you join season 2, circulating reports consider you a shoe-in?

GB: Oh yes, absolutely. We really had a lot of fun. I would love to do a season 2, and I’d love to do it with all of the ladies I did season 1 with.

AATRH: What have been the best and worst things about being a Real Housewife; has anything surprised you?

GB: Well, the best thing is the thing that surprised me the most. People get very excited; I didn’t realize HOW excited they get. When I’m out doing my everyday thing people see me, and they get so excited. And everybody wants to take a picture; it’s fine, I love it, but that really shocked me. People got excited fast, they were like this after the first episode. It’s been very humbling to me, I touch people in a way, I make them laugh, I make them happy, and it makes it very real for me. When you deal with reality TV you open up, and you don’t know if people will think you’re a jerk, or if they’ll love your spirit. Thank you to the people who love mine, and my kid’s spirits. I don’t really have a worst, besides that trip to Bethany. I’m joking, I’m joking. It’s been great, all of it.


AATRH: Have you gotten to meet a lot of Bravolebrities? Who have you become the closest with, or liked the most?

GB: Definitely Nene. As far as Nene is concerned, she really gives me inspiration that whatever it is I want to do outside of the show is achievable based off of Nene Leakes. Whatever she has wanted to do she’s done it, and done it well. I met Phaedra and she was lovely and funny. I liked her; her skin was beautiful, beautiful! I met Cynthia and she was very nice and classy, she’s a classy girl.

AATRH: Any regrets from you debut season?

GB: (thinks for a minute) No, I stayed true to myself. If I hadn’t, that would have really bothered me. I own everything that I’ve done.

AATRH: What’s next for Gizelle Bryant; any new business ventures we should be on the lookout for?

GB: Definitely, even prior to filming I was working on a makeup line for women of color. It’s very difficult for women of color to find the right makeup that matches their skin tone. It’s either too ashy, too cakey, blue, or purple, it’s just not right. I am going to fix that problem with my line, it’s called Every Hue Beauty; it should launch late summer. I’m going to start with the everyday basics; it’s got great vitamins in it but will also match your skin tone. Nothing ashy or dry, it will match your skin perfectly.

Thanks Gizelle for taking the time to talk with us here at AATRH! Looking forward to what’s to come the rest of the season on The Real Housewives of Potomac!

What did you think of Gizelle’s interview? Let’s Discuss!

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