Lilly Ghalichi Shahs Of Sunset

Shah’s of Sunset Lilly Ghalichi Claims She Was Scammed by Ex-Fiancée!


Lilly Ghalichi may be smart and beautiful but even she fell for a fame hungry social climbing in the name of love!

Lilly recently spoke with her friend Nik Richie on her failed engagement, where it went wrong and why she fell for him in the first place!

If you recall, Lilly was engaged to Dhar Mann and the jet setting couple appeared to be happily heading toward the alter until things went wrong (aka Lilly saw his true colors). Nik stated that he tried to warn Lilly as he could see past the façade; however Lilly stated: “I’m not that great of a judge of people, even though I’m an attorney and am supposed to be an excellent judge of character, I see the best in everyone. I’m so naïve.”

Lilly also stated that he bought her friends affection in order to get closer to her: “He bought one a pair of shoes, bought the other one a camera, things like that.” Dhar then got to Lilly saying he could help expand her business and became a fixture in her life which very quickly turned romantic!

Lilly stated she went head over heels for his early on huge romantic gestures saying “This guy was so sweet, so charming. I literally woke up every day to giant deliveries of roses, love poems, all my favorite foods. It was the most romantic whirlwind.”

Lilly also admitted that he had an obsession with fame but as she had horrible relationships in the past she allowed herself to get swept up in the new romance. After seeing how fame hungry and fake he really was (fake Instagram followers, calling paparazzi and strangely having Instagram captions in his notes so they were ready to go!)

Also conveniently after they started dating he was broke proving his whole image was fake. Per Lilly, “I truly did get scammed 100%.”

Although a broken engagement isn’t fun it’s much better than finding this out after the wedding! Lilly is beautiful and successful – I’m sure many men would love to scoop her up and treat her right.

Are you surprised Lilly fell for her fame hungry ex-fiancée? Who do you think would be a good match for her?

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