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Gizelle Bryant and Phaedra Parks Comment on #OscarsSoWhite Controversy!

Gizelle Phaedra

The Oscars aired on Sunday and it wasn’t without controversy!

Many were angered in the lack of diversity among the nominees saying that deserving actors were excluded from nominations, making some of Hollywood’s top players boycotting the event.

In addition to actors such as Will Smith and George Clooney, Housewives also agreed that the Academy needs to take a second look at how they are running things as the nominations didn’t reflect the diverse world of cinema.

RHOP’s Gizelle Bryant spoke with Bravo on the controversy saying:

“It’s unfortunate. It’s hard for any black person to wrap their head around the fact that nobody qualified to be a nominee. Nobody black qualified for the past two years when we’ve had outstanding movies that have been acted by phenomenal black actors and actresses. It’s difficult to see that happening, especially on a huge platform like the Oscars.”
“I do love the fact that it’s not going unnoticed. When George Clooney, a white actor, says, ‘You know what? Let’s take another look at this,’ you know this has got to be something that can’t be. We’ve excluded all of the black people? I do love that it has really drawn attention to the issue.”

Gizelle had a few suggestions up her sleeves as well saying, “Maybe they need to start there and start changing that committee. If I were trying to make a significant change, that’s where I would start.”

Also speaking out? RHOA’s social activist Phaedra Parks!

In an interview with Forbes Phaedra expressed her frustration saying:

“Well, I think we have to be honest with ourselves. We still live in America, and while people want to forget our history, we have a very troubling past of racial bias and discrimination. It doesn’t strike me as strange that there aren’t more African Americans and Latinos being nominated for Oscars, because that is the nature of what America does, that is our history.”

“People of color aren’t receiving the opportunities to direct and to produce things that represent their culture, or even represent anyone’s cultures.”

“It’s very interesting to me, as a woman and a person of color, that the only times that people of color seem to win Oscars is when they’re playing very stereotypical roles, rather than roles that empower their culture. Denzel Washington won Best Actor for Training Day when he was playing a thug, instead of all the other movies where he’s played a very strong character.”

“As an activist, the things that I’ve been outspoken about have always been things that interested me prior to being an attorney and prior to being on a TV show. Being an attorney and being on a television show gives me the notoriety so I can be more impactful when choosing what I want to push and be active about socially. Being a cast mate on The Real Housewives of Atlanta gives me the chance to be more impactful as an activist, because I now can use my platform to inform millions of people with the click of a keypad or simple tweet.”

Did you watch the Oscars on Sunday? What were your thoughts? What was your take on the #OscarsSoWhite movement?

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