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Karen Huger Says Michael Darby’s Behavior At Her Boat Party Was Attention Seeking & Inappropriate; Plus Calls Out Katie Rost For Talking Behind Her Back


Karen Huger was very busy this week on The Real Housewives of Potomac, as she showed the ladies how a Potomac event should really be thrown. Karen took her daughter to self defense lessons, another step in preparing her for college. She also had to decline helping Katie with her charity event because she was “too busy,” a situation that seems far from over. Lastly, Karen threw a couple’s event on a boat, and let all of the ladies know moving further she expects all of the social events to be as nice as hers. While Karen seemed harsh during the episode, she took to her Bravo Blog to give her side of the story! Why did you feel it was so important to give your daughter self-defense lessons?

Karen Huger: As a survivor of a mugging I understand the importance of knowing what to do if ever you find yourself in this very dangerous situation. Unfortunately, the world in which we live is not always safe. My daughter is heading to college and I won’t be with her every day. As a mother, I’ve always provided a shield of protection for my children. My prayer is that my child never experiences this. However, knowledge is power. The best gift I can give Rayvin is the ability to protect herself. Why did you have a BYOM rule for your cruise?

KH: Initially I put my BYOM (bring your own man) rule in place because I invited some of my close girlfriends who love to come stag to my parties because I’m married to a great dancer. They love to dance with Ray and I wasn’t in the mood to share him on this cruise. I later lifted that rule because of my friendship with Charrisse; she had recently shared with all of us the challenges she was facing in her marriage. I very much wanted her to be comfortable coming to my event and I wanted her to have a fantastic time! That’s what true friends do. What was going through your mind when you saw Michael undressing himself?

KH: I knew Michael was enjoying himself on the cruise; I just didn’t how much. I’m all in for having a great time. I love a good party! However, Michael undressing in front of my guests seemed very attention seeking and inappropriate. Note to self… Why didn’t you want to be on Katie’s host committee and what do you think about her comments in her convo with Ashley about feeling hurt?

KH: I was honored that Katie would ask me to be on the host committee of her foundation. The truth of the matter was that for the past few months I had been planning my own O’Gala charity event, which was the same date as her event. I simply was not available to participate and Katie understood and accepted that. We actually had a fantastic time at lunch, which is why I was shocked and disappointed to hear of Katie’s conversation with Ashley where she expressed that she was hurt by my honest response. Frankly, I don’t believe that she was hurt at all, disappointed maybe, but not hurt. Why Katie didn’t express this “hurt” during our lunch troubles me. I am not a fan of name calling and poking fun behind each other’s back. I consider Katie a friend and I would encourage her to speak to me directly moving forward.

Karen Huger

Although I usually think Karen is too old-fashioned, I tend to agree with her this week. While Michael has a younger wife, he is a man in his 50’s, and frankly taking your pants off in public is inappropriate at all times. (Except maybe a frat party) Katie didn’t express her hurt to Karen at the lunch because that would have been strange, but it sounds like she was completely counting on Karen to take over her event before even mentioning it to her. Katie didn’t seemed hurt, she seemed annoyed she’d have to do more work and find her own donors.

Next week it looks like things get crazy at Ashley’s beach house, and this season is finally gets going!

Thoughts on Karen’s blog? Do you think it was inappropriate for Michael to take his pants off? What did you think about Katie and Ashley’s conversation about Karen? Do you think Karen seemed snobby for telling the ladies she expected all of their events to be like hers? What did you think of this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac?

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