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This week on The Real Housewives of Atlanta we are back in Jamaica for the cast trip/filming of Cynthia’s eyewear commercial. There has been major drama so far because Nene showed up and surprised the women, which really set Kenya off. Cynthia downplayed the status of her and Kenya’s friendship to Nene, and chose Kim Fields to direct her commercial over Kenya. It’s ultimately Nene who brought Kenya back with Cynthia, and when she does Kenya lets all of the women in on some gossip about Kim’s husband; that there are rumors he is gay. Of course Kim finds out that Kenya’s talking about her husband and the fallout from this is where tonight’s episode picks up.

Sheree lets Kim know what the ladies were saying about Chris, and Kenya cops to what she said. The other ladies act like they weren’t involved at all, but Sheree does admit that her, Porsha, and Phaedra Googled Chris the night before. Bravo airs the flashback and the first thing that comes up is “Kim Fields’ fruity baby daddy, and the second is about Chris and Kim’s tax problems. Kim says she never heard those rumors about Chris before, and that they’ve been together for 10 years. Things remained calm, despite Kenya throwing out a dig about her financial issues.

Nene and Phaedra take Kim to breakfast, and in her interview Nene states she is feeling really bad about the “joking around that took place nights before about Kim’s husband. Nene and Phaedra want to teach Kim how to stand up for herself against Kenya. They tell her she needs to confront her head on, and then they do HILARIOUS impressions that are spot on and Nene points how that Kim is very passive and Kenya “preys on that.

We see Kandi and Todd for the first time in a while and she is glowing! They are bringing Mama Joyce and Kandi’s Aunts to a restaurant tasting in hopes to get Aunt Bertha (Kandi’s final family member) to commit to the restaurant. The food looked amazing and in the end all are on board; just another venture for Kandi, is there anything she can’t do!

Back in Jamaica Kim calls Chris and lets him know what happened the night before, and his reaction was much more calm than expected. He takes the high road and says if he goggled everyone else what he would find would be much worse. Good point Chris.

Peter was really in his element on this trip and he planned an excursion to Dunn River Falls. It’s supposed to be a team building exercise, helping each other up beautiful, natural waterfalls. Kenya and her man Matt choose to make this a competition, running far ahead of the group and making a cocky comment when everyone else finished, together.

Next they head to a local spot for some authentic Jamaican food and Peter answers the question we’ve all been wondering; yes he and the men were smoking some “Bob Marley” on the trip. No idea about the women, that wasn’t show.

Nene breaks the ice for Kim; forcing Kim to talk to Kenya, and you could tell Kim is genuinely nice person who is uncomfortable with confrontation. When it’s Kenya’s turn to speak she starts with a snarky comment to Kim about finally speaking up, and Cynthia interjects at this right away. Cynthia also tells Kenya she should apologize for putting her hands on Kim’s chair. Kenya ultimately tells Kim that she is indifferent about her; doesn’t like her, doesn’t hate her. She also elaborates that she doesn’t feel the need to work on the relationship anymore but she can be cordial. Kim brings to light that Kenya crossed the boundary of respect and in the end they agree to respect each other. Kim thinks all will be good moving forward; I think she’s dreaming, this is housewives world, but we will have to wait and see.

Cynthia, Nene, and Sheree get dessert and Cynthia turns to the ladies for advice on how to approach her problems with Kenya. They tell her she needs to tell Kenya how hurt she is for Kenya’s behavior in Jamaica, especially at the commercial. Cynthia agrees that’s the right move.

We are at the final night of what has been a very entertaining trip and Peter has kept it classy all the way. There is a beautiful cocktail hour on the beach followed by dinner which Kenya and Matt are late for.

At dinner Sheree reveals that after the trip she is considering getting back with Bob, and they are really cute together. He says he needed time to work on himself so he can be better for her and hopefully she will spill on the status of their relationship at the reunion.

The guys call out Matt for saying he loved Kenya the night before, a move he copped to and told her to her face. Kenya seemed to love the attention but didn’t say it back. Cynthia and Kenya start talking about their problems and Kenya deflects the cause of the problems to when Nene arrived. Nene says she’ll always be around and that she has nothing to do with Kenya and Cynthia’s problems. It’s unclear if Nene meant she’d always be around with Cynthia, or with The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kenya and Cynthia both admit to being hurt and Kenya apologizes for not supporting Cynthia with the commercial. Peter takes things a bit to far and makes Kenya repeat herself, and it is very awkward this all goes down with the whole group watching.

This was a very eventful trip and next week it’s back to the A-T-L; Cheers to Jamaica!

Thought’s on this week’s episode; Let’s Discuss!

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