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Brandi Glanville Awkwardly Attempts To Make Peace With Joanna Krupa Despite Being Sued By Her!

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Is Brandi Glanville turning over a new leaf and letting bygones be bygones? The Unfiltered reality star seems to be having a moment of zen as she contemplates making peace with her arch-nemesis Real Housewives of Miami star Joanna Krupa.

Brandi and Joanna have a rocky relationship and are currently in the mists of an ugly lawsuit, so it was pretty surprising when Brandi revealed that she was on the same plane as Joanna sitting in the next row over. Talk about awkward!

In the same post, Brandi seemed to want to put her issues with Joanna behind her and thought the two should hug it out over a drink.

Brandi tweeted, “I’m on a plane sitting one row apart from the pretty lady suing me – I think we should just have a glass of wine & hug it out, Joanna Krupa.”


While Brandi didn’t tag Joanna in the post, I’m sure she got the message loud and clear.

The lawsuit between Brandi and Joanna has been going on for a year now, and while Brandi claims to have apologized to Joanna, she’s not dropping the suit.

Earlier this year Brandi dished about how the lawsuit was costing her a fortune saying, “I am spending a lot, a lot, on lawyers. Now I’m writing $20,000 checks. It will be a year in February. There’s no end in sight. I’m now on my second round of lawyers.”

Joanna’s lawsuit with Brandi all started over Brandi publicly stating Joanna’s lady parts are rumored to smell a bit fishy. Brandi feels that Joanna’s lawsuit is ridiculous saying, “If I sued everyone who said something bad about me, I’d been court all day, every day. I don’t even know this woman. I’ve met her once.”

AllAboutTRH reached out Joanna to get her take on Brandi’s tweet but haven’t received a response. We will keep you updated on this fishy situation.

It’s big of Brandi to want to mend fences with Joanna but perhaps it’s too little too late. Hopefully, these two can settle this lawsuit sooner than later because it can get expensive!

P.S. In a total side note – Ben Stiller revealed on WWHL that he dated Brandi back in the 90’s! According to Ben, “It was a couple of dates and fun” but it was “short-lived” and that he wouldn’t “characterize it as a relationship.”

Are you surprised Brandi wants to hug it out with Joanna? Do you think Brandi regrets making public comments bashing Joanna? Can you believe Brandi dated Ben Stiller?

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