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RHOBH Recap: Please Welcome Erika Jayne


We start with Kyle, Vanderpump, Yolanda, and her health advocate Daisy at Cryotherapy, which is when they freeze your body to help with pain. Kyle and Lisa didn’t seem into the idea and claimed were just there for “moral support.” Yolanda was having none of this and despite the diamonds, heels, and blowouts, Yolanda was making them get in the human freezer. Lisa Vanderpump did what she does best, made the girls laugh by acting like her quirky self and she was so happy she was able to make Yolanda laugh. (The laughing stopped here)

Erika Jayne is back in her huge, beautiful closet (which is definitely bigger than her chapel) with her sidekick/choreographer Mikey, packing for her big show in San Diego. There was added pressure for Erika this week because her co-stars are coming to see her perform for the first time.

On their way into lunch Kyle admits that after only one session the pain in her knee is much better, something that must have SERIOUSLY pleased Yolanda. Lunch begins rather abruptly, as Yolanda jumped right in about her health. She tells the girls about her talk with Lisa Rinna, and then says Lisa Rinna told her that Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump were saying Bella and Anwar don’t have Lyme disease. Yolanda even goes as far to try and give Lisa the kid’s medical records, something Lisa refused. Lisa gave her side; that she never said they didn’t have Lyme disease, she said that Mohammed said “they are fine. The whole lunch was extremely uncomfortable and on the way out Kyle and Lisa were very confused as to why Lisa Rinna would say that.

Next things take a lighter turn at lunch with Eileen and Kathryn, where we find out two very juicy things about Eileen. She too dated Marcus Allen, Kathryn’s ex who is at the center of her drama with Faye and the OJ Simpson trial. Not only that, they were dating him AT THE SAME TIME! Kathryn discusses the women’s upcoming brunch at her San Diego house when they are there for the weekend. Then, conversation turns to home remodeling and budgets, where Eileen reveals she can splurge because she doesn’t buy expensive bags. This shocks Kathryn and the camera pans to Eileens AWFUL purse. We can call it awful because she did, and she even admitted to knowing how bad it was before she left the house. (I will now look out for her bag in every scene)

We get to see Erika and her crew on an amazing party bus ton their way to San Diego where she pops Dom with her gorgeous, gay dancers all the way to San Diego. We find out that her husband Tom makes it to about one show a month, and when he’s there he is present. She revealed he dances and gets into it. We haven’t seen much of him, but from what she says we need to see more.

The girls are in their own limo on the way to the show and Lisa Rinna is really freaking out about what to expect at the show. Eileen’s style gets dissed again when none of the ladies like her shoes. Then, they do the unthinkable, begin to discuss the price of there designer bags on national TV. The conversation doesn’t go very far, but we do find out Mauricio bought Kyle a beautiful $4,000 Chanel bag (one of many I’m sure). The conversation turns back to Yolanda and Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle call out Lisa Rinna for going back to Yolanda and saying they were talking about her kids. Lisa is completely dumbfounded by this, and then in her interview suggests that Yolanda said this out of payback!

Eileen and Lisa Rinna are in the hotel before the ladies leave for the show and Lisa reveals her theory that Erika told Yolanda that Kyle and Lisa were talking about her children, and Yolanda pinned it on her because she is still upset.

The girls are on their way to Erika’s show and Kathryn shares she only has hearing in one ear, or is it selective hearing? She was very unclear but one thing is for sure she REALLY values her hearing because she insisted on getting an earplug for the show. The girls bring up the subject of who told Yolanda people were talking about her kids, and while Lisa Rinna tries to tiptoe around her theory, Eileen just comes out and says it. The other women agree it could be true but they ask her to just drop it and move on, which Lisa cannot.

The women were having an amazing time at the show, dancing and letting loose. These are some fun housewives scenes that we don’t always get to see. Erika is a great performer and this was such a fun event for her to host as her first as a housewife. Lisa Rinna was not herself all night; clearly this messy drama had her down. Erika gives the girls the total rock star treatment when she took them on her tour bus, but this is where the fun ended.

Back in Erika’s suite Lisa Rinna asks Erika if she told Yolanda that Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards were talking about Bella and Anwar’s Lyme disease. Erika straight up denied ever saying anything, and in her interview she claimed she didn’t want to ruin her night after a good show. She ended up ruining it anyway because the vibe was off and awkward. Lisa Rinna had some harsh words for Erika in her interview, and this drama has just gotten started!

Next week looks like a great episode; Adrienne is back to discuss Kim Richards with Kyle, and Yolanda and Erika face off against the rest of the girls!

What did you think of this week’s episode? Let’s Discuss!

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