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AllAboutTRH Exclusive Interview With Renee Graziano: Responds to “Cheerleader” Co-Star Brittany Fogarty’s Twitter Rants For The First Time & Reveals Her Biggest Mob Wives Regret


For the past five years on Mob Wives we have gotten to watch Renee Graziano through good times and bad, and as the series comes to an end Renee is finally happy about where her life is now. All About TRH recently got the chance to chat with Renee and she did not hold back. She also revealed great news; she doesn’t think the ladies are leaving our TV’s anytime soon. Renee spoke out for the first time on what she REALLY thinks of Mob Wives newbie Brittany Fogarty, and tells us what’s to come as this chapter of her life comes to an end.

All About TRH: How did you feel when you found out this would be the last season of Mob Wives and why is the series ending?

RGWell I don’t think it’s over in my personal opinion. Maybe it’s over with VH1, but I have faith that the show will go on. I think that there is a lot that isn’t finished. There are still things left to be said and done. However, if it is the last season we had an incredible run and I don’t think that anybody expected it to go as far as it did, I’m just happy that I’ve gotten the opportunities that I have from the show. It’s turned into a lot for me and I’m extremely grateful.

All About TRH: Can you tell us how you felt when Drita said you were the center of problems in this group?

RH: (laughs and says, “excuse my language“) I was f*cking hysterically laughing because it just sounded like, where did that come from? It came out of nowhere. Ya I am confrontational with people. If I don’t like you or if I feel some type of way I’m not going to hold back and pretend that I like you. If that makes someone feel that I’m the troublemaker, I’m not the troublemaker I’m the one that tells the truth. If you don’t like the truth oh well, tough sh*t.

All About TRH: How did you and Carla turn your relationship around and become friends again?

RG: I was actually in the nail salon last season and she caught me in a good mood (laughs), because there is just so much history with Carla and I. We know each other since we’re sixteen; we’ve slept at each other’s houses, we’ve eaten at each other’s dinner tables. We stayed in the same crowd. We have had a friendship, it wasn’t just here and there. So I invited her to my party last season. After that we sat down and talked in complete detail; what I said about her, what she said about me. Also the other guilty parties that were involved, there are no secrets. So anyone that said anything about me I know, and anyone that said anything about her around me she knows. We made that very clear to one another, because I think we owe that to each other after all of the horrible things that were said and done.

All About TRH: Did you walk away with any hard feelings after that conversation with Karen about bringing Brittany into the group?

RG: It’s no secret that I don’t care for Brittany. Let me explain what it is…she’s here calling me a hypocrite, hypocrite, hypocrite. I think what she’s missing is the fact that MY life was affected by some one who cooperated. Did I give the girl a shot? Yes, you clearly see her, she was in my home. That means I gave her a shot! She just kept calling me hypocrite. How am I a hypocrite? I am not going to change the way I feel, I DO NOT LIKE people that cooperate. However, she’s confusing it it’s her, herself I do not like either. 

She also has to understand that I am entitled to MY opinion which is, I don’t like cheerleaders, I don’t like f*cking fan clubs. I don’t need fame. She came on this she we were five years in. You say you’re going to play for one side of the team, she came in and everything was pro Karen, Pro Karen. Talked about Drita when she didn’t know her but still gave her opinion. The she me Drita and she was like a fan, and honestly it freaked me out. She became a cheerleader. She didn’t even know Drita, she just saw her on TV. That’s hard for me; and then add the whole rat, snitch, mother and father thing in there; No, cant’t do it, No.

For me and my happiness it’s best to stay away from any situations that upset me, my history of being affected by someone who cooperated with the federal government brings up bad memories with her, so if she wants to call me a hypocrite, call me a hypocrite, I’ve been called a lot worse than that. (laughs)

This was finally my opportunity to say something, I haven’t responded to all of her twitter rants about me, and I really feel like I’ve been trying to hold it in. At the end of the day when I’m given the opportunity to explain the difference, then I’m going to say what’s on my mind!

All About TRH: Do you have any regrets from the series as a whole; are there any situations or fights you wish you didn’t have on camera?

RG: My biggest regret is my relapse in Vegas. To allow people to make more of it, and to see myself in that position was very very hard. The backlash only came from people that have some sort of hatred for me or don’t even know me. Natalie and Alicia, they made fun of the situation. It’s a regret for me because it’s a very embarrassing moment for someone who is as strong as I am. (I pointed out that her story is inspiring, to see her go through that and have her life together again) If I have touched anyone with my story then it was worth showing it on film, if I helped anyone then I can’t regret it. When I agreed to show my addiction on film that’s what I was hoping to do, help someone with my story.

All About TRH: What do you have planned now that you have more time on your hands and filming is over?

RG: I would love to share what I’m doing but I can’t, but I will be very busy in my time off. I’ve been back and forth to California working on something and I’m very grateful. If I’m busy, I’m good.

Thanks Renee for taking the time to talk with us here at AATRH! Looking forward to what’s to come the rest of the season on Mob Wives!

Thought’s on Renee’s interview? Are you hoping Mob Wives gets picked up by a new network? Are you surprised she dislikes Brittany so much? What do you think of this season of Mob Wives?

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