RHOP Recap – What A Little Whiskey Can Do!



Our ladies of Potomac are back this week and it’s not just etiquette talk – there are shots in whiskey involved!

We start off with Katie being interviewed for a magazine focusing on the Rost foundation which was started by her mother and her. She describes her family money as “old money” which has been stressed as a pre-requisite to live in the Potomac area. Of course with Katie the talk is directed to her lack of a husband and Katie once again stresses how much she wants to marry her current boyfriend Andrew.

Karen and Gizelle stop for some coffee to discuss – what else? Etiquette! Karen claims ladies don’t hold a grudge and once again they discuss the ridiculous gift of etiquette rules that was given to Gizelle. Gizelle decribes Karen’s rules of etiquette outdated (and I have to agree!) Karen and Gizelle decide to put the disagreement behind them and move on (thankfully as I found it boring and drawn out!)

Ashley and her hubby are out meeting Katie and her boyfriend. Ashley is looking to climb the social ladder and become more connected. Ashley shows she is still in her 20’s as she’s more of a liquor girl vs. a sipping wine type of lady. Both Katie and Ashley are relieved that they found another interracial couple to hang out with. Katie of course drops hints that she is looking to get married and admits that although Ashley is young she knows how to lock in a man! Ashley admitted she didn’t get a good impression of the other ladies and especially wasn’t thrilled that she was called a “THOT”. Shade continued to be thrown as Andrew admitted he wasn’t a Karen fan and liked hanging out with Ashley and her hubby as they stayed out past 8 and didn’t watch the golden girls (which I thought was pretty funny!)

Robyn and her ex-husband continue their unconventional living situation as they still sleep in the same bed and share chores. Whatever their living situation may be they seem to be great parents to their children and Robyn admitted that Juan was the type of dad that he never had. Robyn was pretty straight forward that they had some financial setbacks that they are still recovering from and that Juan is hoping to get a job as a head coach. Robyn and Juan seem to have a great relationship – kudos to them!

Karen is getting ready for her daughter’s senior prom and addresses interracial dating and states that it isn’t an issue in their family as they just want their daughter to find a nice boy. Karen is looking for the next chapter in her life as she doesn’t want to fade away when her children go off to college like the other mothers in Potomac area.

Robyn is re-selling her (incredibly expensive) wedding dress and reminisces about her wedding day. Robyn admits her and Juan had a genuine love; however they felt pressured to marry and got married too young. Robyn admitted that since her husband was no longer in the NBA, selling her dress would bring in some extra money as ‘every bit counts!’.

Karen and Charrisse are shopping and Charrisse mentions she has no intention of making up with Gizelle. Ashley and Katie show up to shop for Karen’s daughter and Ashley mentions she is going to host a whiskey tasting. Karen gives an uncomfortable speech saying that Ashley will need to earn her position in the Potomac society. Even more uncomfortable? Katie and Ashley model bathing suits for Karen’s daughter – WTH???

Katie and her boyfriend are not able to attend the whiskey tasting as Katie has a previous engagement and is looking to network and raise money for the Rost foundation (and of course drop hints to Andrew that she is looking for a ring).

Ashley is getting ready for her whiskey tasting which is taking place at a bar called “The Barrel”. Karen and Gizelle are appalled that they were in a rustic setting as opposed to a gala scene (what did they think of when they heard “whiskey tasting”?) Robyn admitted whiskey seemed pretty manly and ladies of Potomac don’t throw back whisky. Charrisse also attends and is not thrilled to see Gizelle. Ashley surprises the woman as she knows a thing or two about whiskey and shows off her knowledge! The ladies have more of a champagne taste and aren’t thrilled about the shots. Ashley is also the only one in their 20’s and it shows as she can sure throw them back! Gizelle gets some liquid courage and addresses Charrisse on their previous fight from Charrisse’s house. Both ladies seem stubborn and neither wants to give in.

Back to Katie who is hustling to get some money for the Rost foundation and recruit for her upcoming Casino Royale event. I have to admit Katie is good at what she does as she knows who is who and who she needs to target for different things! Katie gets uncomfortable when it’s brought up that her and Andrew are not married as in the social scene public perception is everything (which apparently includes being married).

The whiskey tasting is still going on and Ashley brings up being called a THOT by Gizelle. Ashley accepts Gizelle’s apology which inspires Charrisse to resolve things as well, as she admits that she was embarrassed that someone younger could resolve an issue quicker than she was able to.

Katie is back at her place with Andrew decompressing from the evening and decides to bring up her favorite topic: having more kids and getting married! Andrew says that if Katie hadn’t constantly pressured him on it he would have already proposed. Personally, I don’t buy it as a man who is 44 years old, hasn’t been married and is still dragging his feet must have some other reasons as to why he isn’t proposing.

The drama wasn’t too epic this episode; however it looks like things will heat up next week.

What were your thoughts on this week’s RHOP? Sound off below!

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