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Adrienne Maloof Talks Hangovers, Ex Husband and Coming Back to Housewives!


Adrienne Maloof left may have left RHOBH on a sour note and had said in previous interviews that it was not a positive experience. After all, her and then hubby Paul suffered the reality marriage curse along with Brandi Glanville spilling a major family secret); however it looks like she is coming back for a cameo anyways!

Adrienne spoke with Bravo to discuss what’s going on in her life right now along with why she decided to come back for an appearance on RHOBH:

I was excited to come back. I was excited to see the girls again. We’ve all been through so much together — that’s a family bond.

Shockingly, Adrienne didn’t rule out coming back as a full time Housewife saying:

stranger things have happened. You never know!

On her relationship with ex-hubby (and Botched star) Paul Nassif:

It’s constantly changing and [we’re] working on co-parenting and being better parents. But it’s a process. It’s always evolving. You really have to find solutions. You’ve got to find answers. You have to be able to seek help if you need it. And in our case, we both needed to have a third party to help us through and guide us through this process

Ever the businesswoman, Adrienne took time in the interview to promote her new product, an anti-hangover supplement (which I’m sure almost every Housewife would be interested in!)

we have our hangover supplement [Never Too Hungover]. It’s in over 17,000 stores and over two million bottles sold; and it’s growing rapidly. I’m excited about that. It’s a niche market. It was originally formulated for our [business] partner’s sister who had lupus. And, overall, she started taking it and it started helping to cure her lupus. So he approached us to consider this product. I take it everyday as a vitamin supplement. So I’m a believer in it. And when others have tried it, they’re having a good time; they’re maybe mixing drinks — eventually for some surprising reason, they felt just fine the next morning. No hangover

Hm…pretty bold that she says it cured someone’s lupus! That’s quite the claim!

Adrienne also commented on her love life saying:

I’m dating a little bit but nothing serious. I’m really kind of focusing on my projects and excited about that. But being a single mom, that’s of course an adjustment and we’ll see what happens. We’ll see what happens in the future. So far, it’s friendships but nothing too serious

And in case you were curious, Adrienne teased that we could be seeing more of her!

I actually do enjoy doing the cameos. This is a bond with these girls, and maybe [we’re] a dysfunctional family but it is a family– I say that all the time. But we have a bond. The original cast has a bond. Only we understand what we’ve been through, what we’ve accomplished, what we celebrated. So in that respect, they know what I’ve been through and I know what they’ve been through

Thoughts on Adrienne’s interview? Would you want to see her back as a full time housewife?

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