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She’s At It Again; Brandi Glanville Reveals She Told Former Boss Andy Cohen to F*#k Off Multiple Times!


Wednesday night Brandi Glanville appeared as a guest on the premiere episode of Kocktails with Khloe on the FYI network. This is a new talk show Khloe Kardashian is hosting, and she admitted on Sunday night it was inspired by Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live. The show was alright at best; not nearly as fun as Watch What Happens Live, but it was only the first week so I’ll give it some more time. Khloe Kardashian is no dummy when it comes to ratings and she knew mix some Brandi, with some wine, and she’ll be trash talking all night long!

Brandi refused to have any “smokey eye”, the night’s signature cocktail, but stuck to wine for fear of “mixing.” Luckily, she brought along some Unfiltered Blonde chardonnay to ensure loose lips for the evening.

Khloe asked her guests to tell about a recent night where they “had too much.” The other guests; Aisha Tyler and Kym Whitley spoke of drinking too much while Kendall Jenner refrained from answering since she is under 21. Brandi went on to talk about a night where she hallucinated from eating a pot brownie, and Khloe pointed out that story had nothing to do with drinking!

Snoop Dogg arrived at the “party” and Brandi went into attention seeking mode. Earlier this week we reported Brandi bragged about getting high with Snoop after the show, and if I were her I’d refrain from all of this drug talk ASAP. She has a horrible relationship with her ex-husband, yet admitted to the world she’s recently been high twice in one week; who’s Brandi got working her PR now WENDY FELDMAN?! Brandi needs to keep her mouth shut on this topic for the sake of her boys. While she lives in California, and it is 2016, Eddie and LeAnn look for any reason to bad mouth her and she is fueling their fire!

Finally at the end of the show Brandi got to talk housewives; Khloe asked her why she was not a full time cast member on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills anymore. Brandi replied, “They didn’t ask me back full time. I was really counting on the paycheck.” Khloe dug deeper asking Brandi why she thought she wasn’t asked back and her response was surprising, “I could guess,” then she hesitated for a minute. “Well, I did tell Andy Cohen to f*#k off, not only on TV, via text, via email, and via Twitter, because I felt like within the show, I was literally the only one there that needed the paycheck … and I would take one for the team,” Brandi said referring to causing most of the drama last season. “People were coming for me,” Brandi continued. “‘I’m like, ‘You know what? We have no story and you guys are boring. I’m going to be a dick right now.'”

Right before the pair got high together Snoop did make Brandi feel better. “They took your personality, and they engulfed that in every other Housewives show that existed after you,” Snoop Dog suggested. “There was something you were doing right.” That seemed to perk Brandi up, at least a little bit.

Brandi should know that cursing off your boss is not a good way to get your job back. The fact that she went on camera admitting all of this and making it something for people to talk about must have Andy’s blood boiling, or maybe not because in the end he won! Doesn’t look like Andy is the one needing a paycheck that’s for sure…

Check out Brandi, Khloe, and the rest of the crew from the premiere of Kocktails With Khloe!


Did you watch Brandi on Kocktails with Khloe; what did you think? Do you think it’s bad for her custody situation that she keeps bragging about getting high? Thoughts on her telling Andy Cohen to f*#k off? What do you think he thinks about her talking about this on national TV?

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