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Get To Know Marissa Jade, The Newest Mob Wife In Staten Island

Marissa Jade

Last week on the season premiere of Mob Wives: The Last Stand we met Marissa Jade, a little spitfire who fans will soon see can hang with the best of them. Rumor is, Marissa refuses to step down and speaks her mind.

In a recent interview with Fashion & Style Marissa reveals the top 9 things she wants fans to know about her.

Her favorite food:Italian and Asian fusion. I’m Chinese and Italian. I’m a seafood girl. I love all types of seafood. I love risotto. I love sushi.

Her biggest guilty pleasure:Cookies. I love white chocolate macadamia nut.

She doesn’t work out very much:I don’t really have a [workout] regimen. I just was active in sports all my life, so I was always naturally fit. My mother is a very small woman, very petite woman, so it also runs in my family,” she told us. “But on an everyday basis I just like living a healthy lifestyle. I love eating healthy not because I have to but because I want to. I sleep right. I’d like to work out more that I do. I really don’t work out a lot, but when I do I enjoy it. I like yoga. I like classes.

She’s her own favorite super hero:I have a comic book out called ‘Destiny: Queen of Thieves.’ We actually signed contracts for it to be made into a movie. So I’ll be starring as Destiny as well in a live action film. So I’m hoping my character creates a big buzz, and hopefully one day I can be among one of the greats.

The one thing she can’t live without:My phone.

Her biggest beauty secret:Sleep. No less than eight, but 10 to 12 would be ideal.

Traveling is how she likes to unwind:I’m always looking to jump on a plane and go some place exotic to unwind. Anywhere there’s palm trees, clear waters and white sand is for me.

She’s her biggest supporter:I really didn’t have a support system as far as someone trying to push me in this industry. It was more like confidence from friends and acquaintances and people I would just meet that thought I was in the industry and or felt I should have been in the industry. And I was 17 years old, and I left the trade school and said, ‘I’m leaving this trade school to pursue a modeling career.’ And I haven’t looked back since.

Her boyfriend led her Mob Wives:My boyfriend. My live in boyfriend is actually really close with all of them. Renee, Karen grew up in the same neighbor, grew up around the same people. My boyfriend’s very close to Renee’s family, Renee’s father.

Out of the two newbies Brittany Fogarty and Marissa Jade, Marissa was my favorite. We didn’t see too much of the girls but it was clear from last week, and the season trailer, that Brittany and Marissa do not get along. I’m hoping we get to see Marissa with her boyfriend, but given he’s a street guy who just got out of jail that’s unlikely. If Karen and Renee give her a chance I think we should too!

What did you think of Marissa on the Mob Wives premiere? What about her interview? Are you looking forward to tonight’s episode of Mob Wives?

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